March 4th… – Simon Parkes

DC police have credible information that an attempt to blow up Biden on 4th March is being planned. I say that’s a good reason to maintain troops in DC and keep all the exits and tunnels well guarded. Best to keep DC totally separate from the union.

The Ides of March?

“…we know Trump is making an announcement Sunday 28th, dare say Gesara and military in control, we know 30 days was the word from Flynn, we know 2 days ahead of schedule, leaves 28 days, we know 27th of March Trump is reinstated…”

Rabbi Finkelstein Interview – We Steal 300,000 Children / Year, Drain the Blood, Put Meat in McDonalds (Video)

Rabbi Finkelstein says that their tradition of blood sacrifice has been going on for thousands and thousands of years. “We take the children of the enemy, which is the white race, we bring them to the basements of the synagogues where we drain them, similar to kosher butchering. Then we send them off to the meat grinders, where they end up in the McDonald’s hamburgers and sausages.”

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