Secret Space Program (SSP): Time Travel, Teleportation & Mind Control

Shrouded in mystery, the existence of the Secret Space Program is a closely guarded secret, but information from government whistleblowers, intelligence operatives and former astronauts have been surfacing for decades. How did the expression “flying saucer” found its origin? Kenneth Arnold explains. Eyewitnesses reveal their experiences and direct involvement in secret programs such as the Philadelphia and Montauk experiments.

Secret German UFO Files

We are all aware of the fact that UFO disclosure is still considered as a taboo around the world. More than anywhere else, in Germany it is surrounded by complete secrecy from both the Government as well as the military.

Discussion for Starseeds & Soldiers Who Worked for the Secret Space Program (SSP) – Super Soldier Johan Fritz

Different groups of starseeds are just remembering their 20 and back military tour. Or some already remembered they have worked for the Secret Space Program (SSP) but have been too afraid to talk about it. This interview intends to help these people remember what starseed group they are from or what space force they were in – and that’s it’s okay to talk about this experience.

Med Beds & Holographic Medical Pods

A discussion on what Earth Smart Med Beds are which is Foxconn X-Ray Beam and Varian ProBeam Proton Therapy Cancer Treatment. These devices are not the Holographic Medical Pods that can cure any types of diseases, those are only available in the SSP Programs off world not on Earth.

Secret Archaeological Evidence of Giants – Brad Olsen

Legends of peoples great and small permeate every culture throughout the world. Teams of archeologists and anthropologists have made amazing finds which substantiate the truth to such legends. But to protect the accepted narrative of mainstream science, these findings have been quickly swept away and kept out of the inquisitive eye of the public.

All-Star UFO Discussion Panel

The Phenomenon features never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with key eyewitnesses, experts and officials, including former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, President Clinton’s White House chief of staff John Podesta, former Deputy Undersecretary for Defense Intelligence Christopher Mellon, and former U.S. Energy Secretary and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, as well as Jacques Vallee, who served as a scientific consultant on Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Canada Prime Minister Comments about Fourth Reich in Antarctica & The Financial Reset

Honorable Paul Hellyer Paul Hellyer, Canada’s senior Privy Councillor, reminds us of Operation Paperclip and the German Nazi scientists and engineers who were brought to the U.S. following World War II, and who soon seized effective control of the American military–industrial establishment. Under an umbrella of extreme secrecy they have built the most powerful military force in recorded history.

Life On Board Dark Fleet Craft

I’m back with Tony Rodriquez in this episode of Breakaway. Tony Rodriguez is a survivor of the “20-and-back” program. Today we’ll be exploring life on board the dark fleet craft. We’ll hear Tony’s description of various spacecraft he served on and his experiences both inside and outside of our solar system.

Mars Defense Force (MDF)

This episode of Breakaway features a much-requested guest, Randy Cramer. Randy’s claims to have served in the Mars Defense force as a super soldier. He starts at the beginning to tell us how he became involved in this clandestine program.

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