Buckle Up! (July 21, 2021)

FYI, FIVE Archangels came to some CATs in dreams last night, all together. They made a point of showing that they’d ’touched down’ together, walking in step, in a row — this was after everything around them outside looked ‘hosed down,’ like it had just rained hard. We aren’t sure if that means weather, energy, or if it was…

Secret Meetings Near Jupiter Decide the Future of Our Solar System? – MICHAEL sALLA

Three months before the collapse of Nazi Germany during World War II, the three great allied powers, the USA, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain, met at Yalta on the Crimean Peninsula to discuss the post-war order of Europe that would be based on the principle of national self-determination. According to a former professional archeologist and ‘contactee’, Elena Danaan, a similar set of meetings have just concluded near the planet Jupiter .

The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth – Dolores Cannon

The 2010 Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference once again presents Dolores Cannon, author, hypnotist and past life regression pioneer. Her work is based on 40 years of research into metaphysics and discoveries of the unknown using her unique QHHT method of hypnosis. In this video: Discover how it all began. The creation of our World and the development of our species. Understand your role on Earth. Are you one of the Volunteers that came to help Earth with her transition?

The Week in Quantum Computing (July 5th, 2021)

While Barcelona was busy with the Mobile World Congress, with several Quantum talks, 3 big milestones have happened. Another quantum advantage published from China. IBM tries from a different angle and Rigetti releases “stackable” computers that can increase the number of qubits to play with. A packed week full of events!

Antarctica, Birth of Secret Space Program & the First Contact with Draco – Jason Rice

Jason Rice was recruited into unacknowledged classified programs at a very early age. After graduating in 1996 with a bachelor of science in engineering, he served as a ground forces officer in the Interplanetary Defense and Reaction Forces (IDARF) fleet. His career in that unit took him to distant planets, training and serving alongside indigenous populations defending their home-worlds against false-flag interstellar invasions.

Remote Viewing the Galactic Federation of Worlds – Michael Salla

In December 2020, the father of Israel’s space program, Professor Haim Eshed, created an international media frenzy when he described President Donald Trump communicating with an alliance of extraterrestrial races called the Galactic Federation. Eshed said Trump wanted to disclose the truth about alien life, but the Galactic Federation replied that humanity wasn’t yet ready.

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