82 Known ET Races Populating Universe

Craig Campobasso is a filmmaker and Emmy-nominated casting director, who directed and wrote the short film “Stranger at the Pentagon described “some of the 82 extraterrestrial species said to populate the universe, including their origins, physical characteristics, technological and mental abilities, and cosmic agendas.

The Mystery Man Behind The US Navy’s Antigravity & Other Patents

In 2019 the US Navy is assignee on 5 revolutionary patents invented by Salvatore Cezar Pais. Stuff like a fusion reactor that produces 1000 gigawatts that’s a size basket ball. That’s enough to power almost 100 big cities and the other one is an antigravity craft that can fly equally in air, water and space with crew not experiencing inertia. THE U.S NAVY CLAIMS PAIS’ PATENTS ARE ENABLED AND OPERABLE!!!

“Into the Light” by Amanda Lorence

The Wayshower’s Leap – Amanda Lorence

What I am about to share and support with, has NOT happened yet, as it’s a POINT in the Galactic Timeline to come. I say this for absolute clarity. So regardless of any experiences, or any precursors, what I am about to describe below, is support for WHEN the Galactic Timeline presents, to humanity.

The Only Way Out is Through – Female Warrior

I always love a good epiphany. That moment when you stare into the abyss and find it staring back at you. The flash of illumination that reminds you that everything is okay and that life will continue to go forward with or without your consent or approval. Such a realization happened the other day when I was walking along the river. I was reflecting upon all of the…

How to Move Windows 10 From Your Old Hard Drive to SSD

Once considered a pricy and luxurious product, a solid-state drive (SSD) is a storage format that’s now far more widely available and affordable; you can purchase a 1TB SSD for under £100, for example. This technology uses integrated circuits to store its data, typically in a flash format, and is considered a major upgrade against conventional mechanical drives, or HDDs.

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