Antherian ETs & Our Passage through the Lesser Mysteries

A somewhat esoteric encounter.

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I’ve had enough hints and affirmations to write about this. So now I am compelled to write.

It began on February 28, 2018, when I was in France with the amazing energy healer Henda Zaghouani. I had completed my axiatonal realignment with her the previous day and I was resting from that. My body was ecstatic with energy, my head had opened up and I was receiving new information that I cannot describe.

Suddenly I envisioned a snow-scaped forest, with a forest on the right and an open snow field on the left. Above the snow field was a brilliantly illuminated blue-white orb. Within the orb as an electrified being bearing the semblance of a humanoid form. Immediately above it, perhaps piggybacking upon the first one’s energy was another orb-being. Within a moment, the vision was gone.

From what I can describe, what I saw was most like…

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