The Alorian ETs

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Helios Journal™

Feel free to interpret this as you may in your own free will. This report apprises the reader of an ET race that exists in energetic form, and what they’re doing here on Mother Earth / Gaia.


Busy night of dreaming the other night. Stuff going on in Alaska. When I awoke, I heard the phrase “The Alorians” spoken to me. While I see here that one reference to the Alorians seems to be an earth-based ethnicity of antiquity, I knew that the folks mentioned to me were not these peoples, but most likely ETs.

After later asking some aware colleagues about them, some of them say, yes, they’ve have already had contact with them. The following is a compilation of information gathered from my colleagues, as well as some information that was downloaded directly.

About The Alorians

Like many of the ET folks they apparently are seen as…

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