Alleged TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecraft Base in Arizona

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About the TR-3B

TR-3B anti-gravity spacecraft, while as of this writing are not officially acknowledged, have been documented many times in verbal, photographic, and video testimony originating from all across the earth, and operating since as early as 1979.

Presumably they are of human origin, but are likely derived from non-human-based technology, and are presumed to exhibit anti-gravity and other advanced technologies as reported here in a recent active US Navy patent. The graphic included in the patent seems to bear an almost exact likeness to the many reported photos and videos of the TR-3B itself. As such, some researchers assume this patent is an admission of the existence of the TR-3B itself.

Another related (albeit abandoned) patent uses the same graphic to describe a spacecraft.

To find out more about the TR-3B craft, do a web search to find a plethora of already available information.

Alleged TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecraft Base in Arizona

In a recent video interview (at about 7min 30sec) held by truth-seeker Cirsten W., military field operative Gene “Decode” disclosed the possible location of a TR-3B base located in Cave Creek, Arizona, in the southwestern United States.

Below are two screen captures from the video.

I have attempted to find this alleged base using Google Maps satellite view, but have thus far been unsuccessful in locating it.

READERS: If you find the location of this base, please be generous and provide the info in the comments section. Thank you!

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