The Ardinian ETs – 17th Dimension Beings

They show themselves as a large shard of light but choose to stay in a group consciousness as this keep their vibration high and focussed here as they’ve had to lower their vibration to connect with gaia and humanity.

  • These are 17th dimensional beings
  • They are here helping us with our transition/ascension process.
  • They work with our chakra system and help individuals with their progress .
  • They assist individuals with their awakenings to soften the blow and ease them into awareness in a slow manner.
  • These beings are open to helping all upon Gaia / Earth.
  • If you require assistance, send out a thought message to them that you are open to their help. You can call to them audibly and they will hear you .
  • They are benevolent beings so have NO fear about their presence near you.
  • Many people have expressed that after asking for assistance they felt waves of new energy within their vessel and their awareness shifted.
  • The rainbow lace clouds shown here are their ships perceived by our current shifting eye sight.

Direct information given by the Ardinian – Palor.

Information provided via Aluna Kay
31 December 2019


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