UFO Sightings Documentary – Full Length Video

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Click the original article link here >>> UFO Sightings Documentary -Full Length HARD EVIDENCE DOCUMENTARY | Alien’s UFO’s Full Documentary

UFO Sightings Documentary – Full Length HARD EVIDENCE DOCUMENTARY | Alien’s UFO’s Full Documentary

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  • Do we need any more evidence to have all our minds opened to this all?! Haha, it is well established that the evidence is overwhelming!!

    How long have you been on WordPress?

    Amber 🙏❤

    • This site only started a few months ago. but my other site (HeliosJournal.com) started around 2012. The name “Star Nations” is way ahead of its time. I opened it knowing that there were at least another dozen star worlds being opening up along with Gaia’s. So, I hope eventually to report news not limited to just Planet Earth. So… we’ll see when that time comes.

    • I love “Star Nations.” What do you forsee happening with disclosure into the future?

    • Here on Gaia it’s gonna take time for people to wake up to the widespread deception. So this will be (at first) a very upsetting process. People will freak out at how bad things have been. Some will not make it through the beginning. But once they get past the first stage, then there will need some time for healing. Refer to the 12 step recovery process in the Alcoholics Anonymous Program.

      For those folks who have already done a lot of healing already, they may be the fore-runners into a vastly bright and amazingly open future we have waiting for us!

    • Indeed, I resonate with what you are saying. The more familiar the information that is going to be disclosed may mean those people among us will be able to take the disclosure of deception better. How long do you think until we all find out the truth?

      How long have you been on wordpress and what do you like about blogging?

    • Like I said previously, I’ve been on WP since around 2012 via another website. I don’t know how long the awakening will take. There should be an exponential acceleration of awakening starting around 12/21 (the supposed time for the grand solar wave). Depending on people’s flexibility / rigidity, it might take generations for some to come to full acceptance. Overall, I think the majority will be catching on within a few years.

    • Yes, it could go this way. There are different timelines we can go down; I pray we all come together and build a new world based on love and unity… We are undergoing a birthing process and the contractions are painful!!

    • I just started this page on the website. Open to any suggestions on commonly used terms among the awake community to add here…

    • I took a look and think it is brilliant. I will reblog this definitions dictionary and help raise awareness of it.

    • Thank you! It’s far from complete. WIP.

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