Cabal-Operated Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) Operations Are Going to Shift to the Surface Now

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Click the original article link here >>> DUMB operations are going to shift to the surface now. Kinetic activity against deep state activity.

Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) – Also known as DUMBs in the plural form. Some truth-tellers note that some DUMBs are not military in nature, but used more for scientific research, and therefore should be called a Scientific Underground Military Base (SUMB) or Scientific Underground Base. Truth-teller Gene Cosensei AKA “Gene Decode” provides interviews with various other truth-tellers to provide “decode” information sessions, many times about Cabal-operated Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) facilities.

Here Michael Jaco states that as Cabal-Operated Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) Operations are being disrupted underground, the cabal will begin brining their ops to the earth’s surface where we will be seeing more of these operations taking place.

Michael Jaco

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