The Space Base on Planet CERES – Super Soldier Tony Rodrigues

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Click the original article link here >>> 179: CERES – New & Untold Memories with Tony Rodrigues | The enLIGHTenUP Podcast

Super Soldier Tony Rodrigues returns to the show to share some never before told memories he’s had of his life on planet Ceres. There are some fascinating details he will reveal that help us understand the timeline technology and how he was able to come back and have memory recall. You won’t want to miss this show!

Nicole Frolick

Interview Notes:

  • Tony’s website:
  • Ceres (dwarf planet) – Wikipedia
  • Mention of Chronovisor technology
  • 12:27 is mention of a Draco Reptilian that Tony had befriended.
  • Tony was not supposed to remember his 20 and back MILAB tour after he returned to Earth, but he remarkably did remember his time working in the Secret Space Program (SSP).
  • Tony was a slave who worked for breakaway German captors.
  • 33:52 Tony speaks of his service on a regular Earth-technology submarine (named “Blitz Bus”) that had been converted for space use. Note: Many early space-bound vehicles were comprised of these same converted submarines.
  • 43:53 Mention of promotion of atheism, including on Mars. Commanding officers had a religion of their own.
  • 57:34 Mention of teleportation tech, and the power needed to run such tech.
  • 1:11:33 Mention of geysers going off on the moon.
  • 1:38:43 Humans will soon get medical technology, anti-gravity, free (zero-point?) energy, consciousness tech
  • 1:40:00 Consciousness affects health
  • 1:48:25 General direction that humanity is heading. We will soon be joining an intergalactic society.

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