Deep State Operative Involved in US Voting Fraud Has Been Shot

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Click the original video link here >>> 18th November Election Update 2020- Simon Parkes

Note: Due to rampant censorship at the hands of deep-state-controlled video platforms, the above-linked video and its publisher’s channel may be removed at any time without notice.


  • Deep state CIA operative allegedly directing voting fraud software operation in Germany was shot (not fatally) by US military operatives – possibly Seal Team 6. (See 5min-45sec timestamp in linked video.)
  • Video lecturer (Simon Parkes) wants to make it clear that not all CIA employees are corrupt. He believes upwards of 90% or more are ‘on the good side’.
  • Seal Team 6 was involved in investigation of Germany voting fraud operation.
  • Germany operations were operated by deep state CIA in opposition to Trump.
  • Voting fraud software operations also located in Spain and Chile.
    – Note: Because the alleged voting fraud activities are international, those people involved in voter fraud may be subject to US legal charges of TREASON, whose maximum sentence may be DEATH PENALTY.
  • Voting machine hardware involved in US voting fraud was based out of Canada.
  • Voting fraud software was primarily based out of Germany.
  • Voting fraud involved both electronic and physical ballot manipulation.
  • Senior lawyer on Trump’s legal team has stated that “BIDEN WAS A MURDER”. Lawyers are usually very cautious and non-committal in public statements, and this statement was allegedly made in an interview.
  • Possible future scenarios to ensure Trump’s future: Ideally: legal proof and disclosure of voting fraud ensuring Trumps continuation. As a last resort: soldiers placed at White House to prevent Trump’s removal from office.  At least 4 other scenarios are planned up but cannot be disclosed.
  • Trump’s recent Executive Order / EO (receiving little news coverage) declared the US technically under a state of national emergency, this providing legal justification for US military operations investigating overseas voter fraud.
  • Under the EO, news agencies may eventually be subject to charges of treason, usually prosecuted in military courts. – Note: Do research on the many military proceedings in Guantanamo Bay (“Gitmo”) since President Trump assumed office.
  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is allied with Trump, and is in hiding for his own physical safety.
  • US Military will not accept Biden as Commander in Chief (US President).
  • President Trump will likely open his own social media platform in order to disseminate news he wishes to share.

Other Notes:

  • Star Nations News℠ (SNN) staff have been following the source of this news, Mr. Simon Parkes, for years. Mr. Parkes has proven to be a consistently reliable source of “insider” news with numerous government, military, intelligence and other sources from which he summarizes his information. When necessary, Parkes frequently qualifies his disclosure by stating he has heard from at least two of his reliable sources, or provide a cautionary statement that his information comes from at least one reliable source. When his reporting or opinions are in error (as SNN staff has seen, this rarely happens), he is not afraid to admit for the record that he was wrong.
  • Phrases such as “fraud” or other mentioned activities cited here are “alleged” and are subject to ongoing verification.
  • Please be cautioned that like all news, all items are for discussion purposes only and are subject to scrutiny and multiple-source verification.
  • Views and opinions expressed by the source of this news / information do not necessarily reflact those of SNN and/or SNN staff.


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