Extremely Positive World Predictions for 2021 & Beyond

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Based on her meditations, Michelle provides uplifting encouragement of how the world will be in the future. See the video notes provided, typed up courtesy of Star Nations News℠.

Source: Michelle Fielding -Spiritual Coach

Notes from the video:

  • Humanity cannot take in all bright aspects of change all at once. Thus needed changes will roll out over time. A somewhat intense round of initial changes will take place during 2021 through 2023.
  • Darkness is systematically being eliminated. Matrix and its limitations being outed.
  • People will be autonomously empowered and joyous.
  • There will be no media blackout. Behind the scenes a new media structure is being built. All major news networks will be dismantled. New breed of journalists will focus on positive aspects of news.
  • Old paradigm of fear, darkness, poverty, illness, suffering replaced by joy.
  • Dark topics such as child trafficking and and the dark forces will be disclosed at a pace that humanity will be able to handle.
  • Trump will create a new paradigm of govt of one people of light. This will help people to venture into the New Age of Light for the entire world.
  • Trump will step down from single-person leadership role and hand the reins to a group of people best qualified to lead the world onward. No more polarity parties – only one organization now no longer known as a “party”.
  • NESARA / GESARA will be rolled out. To begin rolling out from January 2021. Will be known as “NESARA” in the US. US activities will commence first, and other countries will follow. The level of deep state resistance to this will affect timing of rollout, but if necessary GESARA will be rolled out “by force”. UK and Australia’s rollout might be long and drawn out due to deep state resistance.
  • UK’s financial universal credit system might be brought into service for rolling out GESARA and a tax-free basic income.
  • US Federal Reserve will be dissolved. Banks that agree to serve citizens will remain. Others will be dissolved.
  • The vibration of war is no longer an energetic match for the new world of Love.
  • Divine Feminine has been oppressed for hundreds of years, but will rise up going forward.
  • Vaccine agenda will not be permitted.
  • Boris Johnson is under house arrest, doing what he instructed by military direction. Jeremy Corbin will later be brought into UK leadership. Tories party will be dissolved. Parliament will be closed down as a new system forms. Disclosure of severe wrongdoing by UK government and royal family will likely commence in Summer 2021.
  • Lockdowns in US will begin to go out of effect in late December 2020 after it is disclosed that the software used to manipulate 2020 US Presidential election, it will also be shown as having manipulated the tabulation of COVID-19 statistics.
  • US General Flynn will work as an “envoy of peace” helping all countries across the Earth, especially with GESARA and disseminating wealth and many other benefits in technology, medicine, etc.
  • Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will be dismantled from inside, and country will be called “New China”.
  • Education will be more competence-based. More intuition-oriented – for example, topics will include astrology, singing, meditation, prayer, art, music, gardening, and caring for animals. Learning will be oriented on nurturing and natural aptitude.
  • Farming will change drastically and be organic. Many foods will be locally produced with co-ops.
  • Animals will be revered. Animal sport and hunting will be banned.
  • Animals will be allowed into places where they were previously restricted. For example, this will allow them to aid in the healing process for people in hospitals.
  • Corrupt politicians will be removed.
  • “Smart cities” will form allowing people to have more free time dedicated to allow people to rest when needed and do things they wish. These cities will use the “quantum system” to track the fair use of resources.
  • Travel in the golden age will be managed by a quantum computing system related to the Quantum Financial System (QFS) for booking travel. Passports will no longer be necessary. System will use retina and fingerprinting for tracking. Flying cars.
  • Family and local communities will be formed with strong bonds.
  • Food and water will be plentiful.
  • “Tesla towers” will produce and distribute energy. 5G towers will be converted to distribute power in similar manner as Tesla towers.
  • Weather will no longer be manipulated, thus calming and reducing severe events such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis.
  • Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) will be used for general health and to alleviate auto-immune disorders.
  • Cancer will be relieved by med-bed. Med beds will be rolled out for the masses from 2023 to 2025.
  • Money will be available for people as basic income. Jobs and tasks that still need to be performed will be filled by people voluntarily and on a rotating basis. Allocated in each community based on aptitude.
  • Military work will revert from soldiering function to “Envoys of Peace”.
  • Laws will revert back to common law. Breaches of law will be handled by the quantum system. Prisons will be repurposed to help people heal of addictions and other severe disorders.
  • Social media platforms such as FB, G, and others may be dissolved and replaced by other platforms.
  • US Democratic party will not step down immediately, but will step down before court system decides their final demise in order to avoid any further embarrassment. May happen as soon as late November 2020.

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