Black Goo, Morgellons & Artificial Intelligence

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German scientist Harald Kautz-Vella presents his detailed lecture on the two types of Black Goo, Morgellons, and Artificial Intelligence at the Bases Woodborough Conference. Information on AI, chemtrails, nylon fibers, aluminum-coated nylon, nanotech microwave tech, smart dust, Project Raven New (Projekt Rabe New).

This is a long lecture that goes into tremendous scientific detail. One may skip all this detail, but…

RECOMMENDED – Listen to the heartfelt statement at 2:04:38 of how only Love is the solution to surpassing fear and lack, so that one may experience abundance and fulfillment.

Source: Miles’s Bases Project

Video Notes:

  • 26:40 – Since 2003, airborne-introduced RNA/DNA can be programmable and activated remotely by radio signals.
  • 28:45 – RNA/DNA can carry airborne programs (possibly AI). Possibly related to smart dust.
  • 30:50 – Originally this was ET technology.
  • 34:20 – Piezoelectric nano-crystalline, magnetic, highly refractive, can handle scalar waves
  • 37:20 – UV wavelength 100% absorption. If it in in/on plant tissue, it will stop plant from growing.
  • 37:55 – Cause for mad cow disease. Causes living body nervous system to rebuild on system that is sensitive to radio frequency signals.
  • 43:50 – Causes symptoms identical to influenza.
  • 44:55 – Morgellons fibers
  • 46:05 – Nano tags (self-replicating nano fibers) used to track people. Detectable by ground stations and satellites.
  • 49:35 – Fibers extracted by body and collected on skin (see photo).
  • 50:35 – Exhibit “stamp cells” of unknown origin.
  • 51:20 – Fragments of insect skin.
  • 53:10 – Agenda behind Morgellons fibers. Self-assembling nanobots.
  • 57:45 – Video of nano particulate actually functioning in human skin.
  • 58:55 – Related to micro-insecticides that kill insects, causes them to glow, thus attracting other insects to come get infected and be killed.
  • 1:02:00 – Picture shown of remote-viewed mushroom micro-fungal Morgellon particle which actually looks like a spider.
  • 1:02:50 – Ties this into multi-dimensional biology, mythology, black magic.
  • 1:07:25 – Black goo discussion begins (fascinating).
  • 1:09:55 – Goo samples found in Bavaria after WWII, suggesting SS had used it in communication with archons.
  • 1:12:10 – Two types of black goo. Acquiring the goo was cause of Falklands War and Deepwater Horizon events in human history. Meteorite fragments. How this affect human behavior.
  • 1:17:35 – Similarity of functionality of the goo with the biophotonic function of humans. May tie in with theory that black goo may have been used with establishing life on Earth.
  • 1:21:15 – Theory of holofractal immortal being living within the Earth, to which all life is connected.
  • 1:21:45 – Theory of arrival of alien form of black goo’s arrival on Earth !80,000 BC. Corresponds to destruction to Lemuria. Swarm of meteorites infested with black goo bacteria.
  • 1:26:05 – Power source for smart dust.
  • 1:28:35 – War between alien concept of negative black goo and the positive goo tech that is associated with the loving intent of Earth.
  • 1:28:55 – HAARP as power source for piezoelectric smart dust.
  • 1:30:30 – Connection to quantum computer tech. Found 4 computers of different configurations used for neurolinguistic programming.
  • 1:38:30 – High-level theory of how negative goo is structured and how it all works.
  • 1:43:00 – Random questions and answers.
    – Orgon / Orgonite
    – Trees are antennas that keep land / air resonance balanced
    – Chernobyl was powering “Woodpecker” device designed to disrupt San Andreas fault in US. Israel involved.
    Fukushima: Before the event happened, Israel installed “cameras” in the plant that each weighed 2.3 tons. So these cameras were most likely bombs. Info from White Dragon Society.
    – Transmuting water into oil.
    – Money and gaming addiction.
  • 2:04:38 – Heartfelt statement of how only Love is the solution to surpassing fear and lack, so that one may experience abundance.

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