Movie about The Pentagon Extraterrestrial “Valiant Thor”

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Click the video interview link here >>> An Extraterrestrial Comes Baring [sic] Gifts… Valiant Thor, The Government Visitor

An extraterrestrial known by the name Valiant Thor, who visited the Pentagon in 1957, holds a higher perspective of humanity, as explained by filmmaker Craig Campobasso. Unlike many other extraterrestrials visiting our planet, Valiant Thor was not camera shy. It was what he had to offer that truly intrigued government officials who invited him to stay. Are we now starting to see changes?

Source: UAMN TV

Notes taken while listening to this video – provided courtesy of Star Nations News℠:

  • Valiant Thor is subterranean Venusian, lived for three years at the Pentagon under the Eisenhower administration.
  • Valiant Thor’s crew is still in Earth’s vicinity, commanding a ship 14 miles long and 7 miles wide, Victor Class fleet.
  • He and his crew are monitoring Earth in 287 locations.
  • All planets throughout galaxy are populated on the inside.
  • Harley Byrd, nephew of Admiral Byrd of Operation Highjump, helped with Project Bluebook when Valiant Thor was in Pentagon.
  • Valiant Thor’s craft “Victor 1” is stationed at Lake Mead, invisibly shielded or cloaked.
  • Discussion of movie industry’s effect on people’s perception about ETs.
  • 13:30, 21:10, 26:50, 27:50 – Footage from movies.
  • Guest speaker wishes to make a movie “Stranger at the Pentagon” about Valiant Thor.
  • 30:50 – Discussion re Valiant Thor’s proposal for the benefit of humanity, and the opposition he met to it.
  • 33:11 – Richard Nixon saw ETs and brought his friend the comedian Jackie Gleason to see them.
  • Movie trailer.

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