Hollywood’s “Soft Disclosure” About What Happened After World War II

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It Didn’t End That Way

For those who have not studied in the less-reported history of what happened on Earth during the years following the end of World War II, there is a growing volume of evidence to support what whistle blowers and truth-seekers have been saying for decades: that following World War II, Hitler and high-ranking Nazis retreated to South America and Antarctica to continue a new version of the Reich whose ultimate goal was the enslavement of the entire world. Furthermore, the entity now known commonly as the deep state serves to carry out such intentions.

Note: For more details on this topic, search the web and this website for relevant terms such as Hitler, Nazi, Argentina, Vril, Georgia Guidestones, Operation Highjump, Operation Paperclip, and Antarctica.

Post-War Reich

In America and literally everywhere else in the world, the post-war Reich plan continued onward in innumerable hidden forms. They endeavored to control literally every aspect of society including finance / banking, education, food supply, health / medicine, education, politics, news media, technology, movies / entertainment and more.

Despite the official declaration of Germany’s defeat in World War II, post-war control-mongers (collectively now known as the “deep state”) continued their activities behind the scenes. The point of this discussion is to show that they also keep reminding us not only of the war, but what they intended to have happen in the world afterwards. One method by which they continue to remind us is in the movies.

Amidst ongoing research on humanity’s hidden past, one may view several movie trailers that many would consider works of fiction.

Movies Used for “Soft Disclosure”

However, as certain disclosure sources (such as David Icke and Qanon) have stated many times, the deep state discloses their intentions through symbolism and other forms of “soft disclosure” of their intends for the world.

These many decades after war’s end, in all the above-linked movies we see a predominantly Nazi-flavored genre. Collectively the Iron Sky and Sky Captain films openly flaunt swastikas, dark uniforms almost exactly identical to the Nazi Waffen SS uniforms, and a Nazi moon base theme showing a swastika-shaped base that several whistle blowers say actually exists on the moon already.

The spacecraft featured in Iron Sky are similar to the German Haunebu anti-gravity spacecraft, the existence of which truth-seekers such as aeronautics engineer William Tompkins and researcher Dr. Michael Salla have provided ample evidence.

Artistic rendition of German Haunebu spacecraft

For decades Germany-based Revell toy company produced a hobbyist assembled plastic model of the Haunebu spacecraft.

The Revell company’s Haunebu spacecraft model

Photos of both Vril and Haunebu spacecraft pepper many print books and the web.

Alleged photo of a Vril spacecraft, a design from which the Haunebu series of craft were designed.

In the air combat scenes of the Sky Captain movie, the enemy aircraft seeking to destroy the movie hero’s aircraft are a nearly identical rendition (albeit with flapping wings) of the Nazi-designed Horten Ho 229 jet aircraft.

Flapping wing craft from the movie Sky Captain, similar to Nazi-designed Horten flying wing jets from World War II.
A Horten Ho 229 jet aircraft captured by allied forces after Germany’s surrender in World War II

Furthermore, the mysterious “Vril” symbol shown at the end of the Iron Sky movie trailer is an exact depiction used by the secretive pre-war Vril Society, the group attributed to the design of the above-shown Vril spacecraft designed by female engineer Maria Orsic in the 1930s.

Vril symbol originally attributed to the secretive Germanic Vril Society dating back as early as the 1930s.

Note: For more information about the engineer Maria Orsic and the Vril spacecraft, see The Inventor of Anti-Gravity & Electrogravitic Space Propulsion: Maria Orsic.

Other Evidence

Among these many “hints” stated above, let us also remember some facts that cannot be denied.

“Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall”

How many such hints or facts does one need?

Nearly 7 decades after a war that many would prefer to be rid of in memory, ongoing funding continues to feed into the creation of movies depicting dark-themed Nazi-flavored totalitarian governments and all manner of dark activities hinted by the deep state.

As stated by Qanon and other intelligence sources “Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall”. Movies and the symbols will serve as the bridge into further disclosure of the existence of such dark intentions. While we await definitive disclosure of a post-war Reich and its many exploits, consider that the many hints the Nazi-flavored deep state has continued to flaunt.

Among the several ways shown here, Hollywood is the “just for entertainment” venue for such “soft disclosure”. Hard disclosure to come later.


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