Shocking News about the 2020 US Election & Many Other Things You Did Not Know

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Click the original video link here >>> CLAY CLARK EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH CHARLIE WARD

* Skip forward to 2:08 where the discussion begins.
* See videos notes below.

This is a shocking interview with Dr. Charlie Ward discussing the 2020 election and many other things you probably didn’t know! Buckle up!

Note: The interview is long, so you may wish to listen to it at a faster speed by adjusting the speed at the Youtube settings gear symbol.

Source: Charlie Ward Show

Video interview notes:.

  • Skip forward to 2:08 where the discussion begins.
  • 6:45 – Election 2020 & Sidney Powell: What is the Kraken?
  • 8:00 – Powell is dealing with military judiciary side of the election crackdown, which includes military tribunals for corrupt politicians that will soon be prosecuted.
    Note: Some politicos will be charged with treason and executed, which is hy Trump just re-allowed the death by firing squad penalty.
  • 8:15 – 90% of the media outlets in the US is controlled by 6 corporations.
  • Names that cannot be trusted:
    – Dr. Fauci. Trump banned use of fetal tissue in US vaccine development, so Fauci moved fetal tissue vaccine research to Wuhan, China.
    Bill Gates.
    – George Soros. Funded by Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Covid vaccine Remdesivir was developed in China, funded by Soros. Remdesivir is classified as a poison.
    – Jack Dorsey
    – Mark Zuckerberg
  • Voting machines made by Canadian company with Chinese parts.
  • Voting software created by communists in Venezuela.
  • Voting data was stored in Germany.
  • Votes counted in Spain.
  • Voting software systems uses Bill GatesMicrosoft software.
  • General Flynn pardoned by Trump on JFK Jr.’s birthday. Flynn will be the “heart of the Kraken”.
  • 24:24 – 17 nations have teamed together for upcoming unknown worldwide military operations. This is part of Trump’s swamp-draining operations, which are not limited to American borders.
  • 25:35 – Much recent air traffic going to Guantanamo Bay Prison facility (Gitmo). Apparently many corrupt people are being arrested and sent to Gitmo.
  • Obama is arrested and at Gitmo.
  • 29:00 – Three main pillars of evil currently being taken down:
    – City of London, Buckingham Palace and British Royal Family
    Vatican and the 13 Phoenician families
    Washington DC and the Federal Reserve
  • 29:55 – Buckingham Palace is shut down and empty. Royal family no longer lives there.
  • Pope cannot be trusted. Roman Catholic church is satanic. Most evident in symbolism surrounding the Vatican.
  • 33:55 – In April 2020, Vatican was raided as a part the worldwide takedown of deep state corruption. It took 650 planeloads to empty out Vatican’s gold, cash, documents and other collateral.
  • 35:40 – Bill Gates friendship with pedophile Jeffery Epstein. Epstein was in process of genetically modifying humans. The same Gates who wishes to give American children a vaccine.
  • 37:30 – The horrifying truth about adrenochrome, the adrenaline chemical that satanic elites harvest from the bodies of children they torture.
  • Adrenochrome is a highly addictive drug used by high-profile elites such as politicians, Hollywood stars, and musicians.
  • Discussion about arrogantly encoded messages the elites like to flaunt to the public.
  • Google’s recent hardware system is named “Chrome” whose background operating system is called “Adreno”.
    Thus Google flaunts “Adreno Chrome” and makes people pay for it.
  • 39:50 – General Flynn’s future role in deep state takedown.
  • 41:30 – NESARA launched by Trump on November 2, 2020. (National Economic Security and Recovery Act)
  • After NESARA starts in the US, GESARA will follow. (Global Economic Security and Recovery Act)
  • 45:21 – Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay Prison) is already full of arrested deep staters.
  • Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are at Gitmo.
  • 47:15 – Public disclosure/confirmation of all people arrested and executed is forthcoming.
  • In 2017 Trump signed an Executive Order regarding prosecution of crimes against humanity, including human trafficking – the punishment for which is death. (See above mention of Trump’s recent allowance for death by firing squad.)
  • 47:55 – JFK Jr. is still alive. Unconfirmed.
  • 49:20 – Trump’s mother’s and great-grandfather’s middle name is “Christ”.
  • 54:10 – Disclosure of these and other shocking truths will need to be done slowly.
  • 57:40 – General Flynn’s pardon will initiate first stages of disclosure.
  • Entire UK government is under house arrest. Probably true for governments of many other countries.

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