Evidence of an Ancient Civilization on Planet Mars

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George Haas reveals some of the most incredible features and strange structures discovered on the Martian surface, which hint to the existence of an ancient civilization that somehow endured a planet-wide catastrophe. Some of these anomalous structures, including faces and pyramids, bear striking similarities to ancient geoglyphs near Mayan cities in Nazca, and other human-made constructions on Earth.

Source: UAMN TV

Topics mentioned in video:

  • The name of Egypt’s capital “Cairo” means “Mars”.
  • “Faces” on Mars.
  • Evidence of nuclear catastrophe on Mars, including non-natural radioactive isotopes.
  • Pyramids on Mars much larger than Egypt’s Giza pyramids.
  • Three-sided pyramid in Area 51.
  • Keyhole structure on Mars similar to structures on Earth.
  • Correlations to Mayan culture.
  • Nazca parrot geoglyph.
  • Cities with roads on Mars.
  • Eagle geoglyph on Mars.
  • Deer-bird geoglyph.

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