Hudson Valley UFOs – Linda Zimmermann

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Linda Zimmermann is a research chemist turned award-winning author of 30 books on science, history, the paranormal, and fiction. Her Ghost Investigator series of books led to comic books based on her cases. Her novel HVZA: Hudson Valley Zombie Apocalypse was turned into a graphic novel. She recently starred in an award-winning documentary, In the Night Sky, based on her research into UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley.

Source: Nicole Sakach

Video Notes:

Linda mentions frequent sightings of “triangle craft” which indicates a likelihood of the TR-3B and other craft of that series, TR-4 and TR-6. Read more about the recent disclosure of these TR craft at:

  • Trends in craft shapes seen by people:
    – 1940s – 50s – Circle craft
    – 1950s – 60s – Cylinder craft
    – 1980s – 90s – Triangle craft
    – 2012 – 13 – Rectangular and square craft


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  • Hey, a question for you, how do you keep sane and digest all this knowledge? Best wishes, Amber ❤

  • You may notice I don’t post for several days at a time. When that happens, I’m taking a needed break. That, and as many naps as possible! LOL!

  • Ah, yes. How do you balance the information with regular life? Does it get intense processing all the information you post? Amber

  • Yes, sometimes it’s a bit of an overload and I have to take a break. I have a suspicion many people will be experiencing this when the energy surge comes on 12/21.

  • Yes, I understand. I have a suspicion too. The planet is ascending.. even my dad (not aware of any spirituality) says to me now “feel the energy” when he hugs me. He can’t articulate something he feels but he feels it. Crazy.

    Could you describe to me what will happen on the 21st.

    Amber ❤🙏

  • I cannot say what will happen then. All I know is that it’s energy coming in in a way that’s never happened anywhere else before.

  • I have heard the same. We will find out John! Have a good weekend, and some rest maybe, haha. Amber 🙏

  • I’m not worried. No need. All will be fine.

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