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The Coming of Nibiru – Bob Dean

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When we asked Bob when he wanted to discuss, he told us that he had important news, from his own inside sources, about Nibiru: the highly controversial Planet X. This video contains extremely important information for all students of Planet X to consider.

True to form, Bob recounts other intriguing stories, including the NRO’s classified discovery of “a goddamn boat” high on Mount Ararat, and confirmation of Henry Deacon’s report that the Anunnaki are active on present-day Mars. His humanity, his dignity, his integrity and his humor all shine once again in this new video, and we are very confident that everyone who so enjoyed Bob’s 2007 interview with us will find this just as entertaining, interesting, and valuable.

Source: Project Camelot

SSN Editor: There may be topics of this discussion that were founded in a timeline that is no longer in effect, and thus may be somewhat negative. We suggest you don’t focus on these aspects. How the future will roll out will depend almost entirely on the point of view (POV) of the experiencer. From this platform’s POV, there are much more positive factors coming out in the world changes.

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