Hal Turner Radio Show Claims Chinese Invasion Force Shot Down USAF Fighter Plane on US Soil

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Independent US radio show reports that Chinese troops may possibly have used an energy weapon to shoot down a USAF F-16 fighting falcon that crashed on or about December 8, 2020. It appears the Hal Turner radio show’s report is available as a pay-only feature on the originating website, but a portion of this report was aired about 12//12 here at 14min 52sec: Fighterjet F16 downed by Chinese Troops in Canada #Invasion to Honduran Carvan,China Flooding.

Hal Turner Radio Show website.

Source: cirstenw

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  • There seems to be much indication that US President Trumpis well aware of what’s currently going on. SNN also specifically states that the intention of this report is to share available information, and not to foment fear in its readers. Fear-mongering is the purview of mainstream media outlets, many of which will soon be taken down.
  • This site’s staff have full confidence that President Trump and his allies will be be able to deal with this situation as amicably and competently as possible.

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