Wil Wakely on Secret Space Program Engineer Bill Tompkins

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The late Bill Tompkins revealed the use of submarine factories to create pressure vessels (Submarines) for assembly off planet, on the Lunar base, to use in six 2-mile long fully weaponised space carriers as early as WW2! We update his work with Wil Wakely who discusses Tompkins Book 2, the take over of the US during Project Paperclip, and a great deal more was taken over than Dreamland. How these pressure vessel sections got to the moon has not been made clear, other than ante-G technology William passed on a coup,e of years ago, only publishing one of six books. Here, his neighbor and friend Wil Wakley describes how the 5 remaining books may never be published, so he and a small team are working on a 2nd book using some of Bill’s notes and materials. This edit uses two separate interviews during the UfoMegaCon 2019, in southern Nevada. There is more to come. This is a Disclosure interview, at a time when imminent Chinese disclosure is expected in late 2019.

Source: Miles’s Bases Project

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