Dr. Joseph Burkes CE5 & Human Initiated Contact With Extraterrestrials – Part 1

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Dr. Burkes shares his field contact work, experiences with E.T., Rahama, and Xendras (dimensional portals).

In the midst of producing a collaborative video with fellow YouTube Creator – Jessica Rogge – Dr. Burkes walks up and offers to share with us. Apparently, there was a French television production team haunting the venue of the 2019 MUFON Symposium, Irvine, CA; and, as you may have surmised from our collaborative video, Dr. Burkes was supposed to have met with French TV for an interview. Their loss…your gain! In this first of a two-part video series, Dr. Burkes generously shares experiences from his field contact work with extraterrestrials and Xendras – dimensional portals.

Source: Search4TruthReality

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