United Nations Appointing Ambassador to Alien World?

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According to numerous reports, Othman will be named as the UN ambassador to extraterrestrials, if and when they contact humanity. The post will require approval from UN scientific advisory committees and the General Assembly.

Source: cbsnews.com

SNN Editor comments:

This is CBS News, folks. Remember that if they mention it in mainstream news, then it’s likely been done already. So…

Here the CBS article title is posed as a question. Well, if CBS investigators are supposedly such experts in investigative journalism, then why would they need to pose this as a seemingly unanswered question? Why not report it instead as a true or untrue definitive statement? Why is CBS so incompetent as to not be able to report a definitive answer to this question?

This is part of the DS/cabal way of muddying the waters – telling us of something that already exists, but without outright saying it exists, on the chance they want to retract any statements or reporting they did previously – which they sometimes do, and which further muddies the waters for us.

Can you understand why people DO NOT TRUST The news now?

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