Clearance of Oppressive Construct, False Token Benevolence. Then Earth Activation & Broadcast to Star Nations.

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Clearance of Oppressive Construct

January 6, 2021: A crucial day in Earth’s ongoing liberation.

Our team assembled to observe what was going on in the Washington DC this morning.

We saw a portion of the area enveloped in what appeared to be a dome. Upon looking further, we saw that it was actually a full sphere, with a half-dome underground and the remaining half seen above ground. It was kind of a silty off-white color, translucent, murky. Across its surface was a kind of a mesh that held it in place against the ground, with various strings of support holding it against the earth.

This dome/sphere reminded one of a holy sweat lodge, which has two halves: One above ground and another below ground, as a full sphere and as a holy geometric shape meant to complement the sky above and earth below. Except in the case of this sphere, it was far from holy. It was bastardized, corrupted, and being used as an instrument of oppression of freedom – appearing as a white-ish color to seem innocuous, while it wasn’t harmless at all.

We saw it for what it was: malevolent, invasive, oppressive, heavy, and an energy sink.

Within the sphere were numerous fibers radiating outward. These fibers were an attempt at reinforcing the fibered structure-network of the old paradigm that is quickly crumbling away before us. An artificial construct of illusion made of sickly sweet complacency meant to lull people to sleep in an illusion of comfort through familiarity and a repetitive dullness of consistency that one could depend on as trustworthy.

A Blue Sword of Lightning edged by a Golden Ridge was given to an Earth Dragon friend who arrived to assist, flew above ground to deliver it. We pulled aside some of the surface mesh and the dragon blew the sword into the heart of the sphere, which readily splintered and broke apart. Dragon returned to below-ground where he pummeled the sphere from below. And an Eagle friend pummeled the sphere from above, where its fragments readily disintegrated.

The creators of this sphere construct were clever indeed, and knew this sphere would be destroyed. And thus they designed it to readily pulverize into dust, into which they had infused a fine mist of their ever-favorite black goo. Upon exposure to the air, the goo began to bunch together to begin accumulating into sticky droplets while suspended in the air. Those of us nearby who were helping to destroy this construct inadvertently breathed some of this goo in. And it took no small effort for its removal from one warrior.

In the meantime, the eagle and dragon continued to pummel the fragments of the sphere. Others warriors coming to help transmute the powdery mist and goo into ash, which was sucked back to Source for disposal.

The warrior coordinating the efforts of the eagle and dragon was fully engaged in their efforts, thus wholly distracted with the task. An ET race not from Earth (calling themselves Melthenians) approached and appeared to offer help in this cleanup task of destroying the dome and transmuting it. Unbeknownst to the eagle-dragon coordinator, these ETs had enveloped him in entrapment fibers and began pulling on his energy.

The assembled warrior team proceeded with the disassembly of the sphere and its transmutation, which was then later wholly taken over by humanity’s angels and guides.

The warrior entrapped by the Melthenians began to drift away. Some serious effort was needed to bring him back. Lesson learned: In times of battle, those engaged in swordplay up front need also to watch their own six.

Falsely Posed Token Benevolence

In the midst of his engagement in destroying the sphere, the Melthenian ETs were opportunists, and sought to entrap and haul the warrior away.

Some years back they originally got beyond the years-long safety quarantine set up by the Galactic Federation and others around the Sol System for its own protection. The Melthenians got past this safety net by proffering token behavior of benevolence, when in their deepest intentions they were just opportunist scavengers, wishing to acquire technologies that might be helpful to them. In this case, they sought the transmutational powers of the eagle/dragon warrior.

After his recovery back into his body, this attempt at hijacking of a soul was reported to the Galactic Federation. This ET race has been censured and banished, and will not have any contact with Earth in the near future.

Afterwards, on the good side…

Earth Activation

The Earth began to activate, with the ancient grid lighting up beginning in Australia.

Blue beams began to radiate out from all different locations, following to sacred sites around the world, and a huge beam burst from the Pacific and went straight out into space.

Then red, then yellow-gold, then green, followed by a sudden mix of all the colors interchanging and alternating everywhere.

Broadcast to Star Nations

This energy rose up in volume, and we could see a new grid over Earth being activated. This rose in further volume and I saw the communication array (pictured) above Earth being activated, moving in different directions, broadcasting the good news of Mother Gaia’s activation to the other Star Nations who are also evolving simultaneously with Earth.

It is for Gaia and these other Star Nations that this news platform is dedicated.

Joy and Love and Triumph broadcasted across the fabric of the Inverse!

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