Intergalactic News: Congratulations Sent To Earth from Other Star Nations & Other News

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Interplanetary Communication Array

In July of last year Star Nations News℠ disclosed the completion and activation of an energy-based (multidimensional) interplanetary communication array meant to connect Gaia / Earth with the inhabitants of at least 12 Star Nations, Earth being one such nation. These are the same star nations for whom Star Nations News℠ is named.

Read about the array here: Earth Ascension & Intergalactic Cooperative Update 2020-07-16

Since its activation, the majority of the array’s activity has been to transmit data from Gaia to the other Star Nations. On occasion the array shifts its positioning to point to a specific star nation in order to optimize the signal being sent specifically to that location. Some of these locations are not physically located on the same level, plane, or reality as Earth.

Because the array is multidimensional in nature, the array serves to bridge whatever gaps there may be in this respect.

Gaia Is Not Alone in Her Evolution

While many enlightened light warriors and way-showers are fully aware that Gaia and her many inhabitants are undergoing an evolution not seen before elsewhere in the universe, relatively few know that that there are other Star Nations likewise going through their own evolution along with Gaia.

What’s so special about Gaia is that she is leading the way in the overall evolutionary process among the nations. While one cannot say Gaia is more significant than the other Nations, we can say She is a kind of leader as a planetary way-shower among the community of planets that comprise Her and the other Star Nations.

People Are Massively Waking Up

While many of Gaia’s human inhabitants focus on the drama of Earth politics, with much emphasis currently on American politics, you should know this staged play is a small portion of the many activities taking place within, on, and near the planet. While a plethora of activities happen within this dimension, there are adjacent realms, dimensions and timelines that are teeming with myriad other activities contributing to the evolution.

As proof of this on a very local realm: Just look at the many new blogs, social media postings, video channels and many other creations published by the newly awakened earth inhabitants as a follow-on to the decades-long works of their way-shower predecessors!

Two New Kinds of Evolutionary Life “Templates”

Among the many activities taking place on Gaia now is the work of well-activated way-showers and light warriors who agreed to come here in human form to perform specific tasks during this lifetime.

One project among these many projects is the creation of “templates” of energy that will serve as “guide-forms” by which Gaia and her many inhabitants may use both as a formative template from which to progress in their evolution.

The first kind of template is a “formative template”. An example of this kind of template is the human body in its general form evolving from a carbon-based being to a crystalline-energy being. While many have spoken for years about the concept of the transformation of the human body from carbon-to-crystalline, we have yet to see the full manifestation of the human body in this form. We are transitioning from concept to proof-of-concept. This template serves as a kind of baseline upon which our bodies’ evolution progresses.

The second kind of template currently being produced by certain way-showers and their creative teams are “example templates”. What this means for humans: Because humanity on the whole has been out-of-practice in being truly creative, some templates will be made available in various forms to assist people in making the healthy transition from overly rigid and over-structured lifestyles and oppressive thought patterns that support these restraints. Sample templates will serve as a transition or bridge out of the cave of darkness into the sunlight.

As people gain confidence in their own creativity after using these templates for a while, they will eventually not need these templates at all. Creativity will arise on its own without needing any crutch such as example templates.

The Two Kinds of “Example Templates”

As examples of the many “example templates” that will arise, there are many. But these templates cover the two extremes that match the people whom the templates will serve: soft and hard.

Soft templates can be arrive as inspirations, ideas or creative impulses. This subtle (soft) form of template will best serve people who are already somewhat creative to begin with: artists, painters, sculptors, musicians.

For people who feel themselves either as perhaps less creative or whose life is best served by structure or some form of rigidity, we will see a “hard” form of template manifesting in their lives. These people will be drawn to structures such as government, uniform kinds of public service, educational systems, engineering and sciences, business systems (wholly unlike the capitalism we are letting go of now), operational constructs and other structures.

And of course there will be templates to serve people in all areas between the two above-mentioned extremes.

Example templates will eventually obsolete themselves. They will serve only as a springboard. They will help people get started into a realm in which they have little to no confidence. And once their confidence flourishes, they will have no further need for templates, as self-confidence will bolster the creativity coming forth from within, spontaneously.

In simple words, example templates are confidence-building templates.

The Perfect Environment for Creativity

We are now witnessing an evolving Gaia whose environment is steadily transforming – transforming from oppression and restriction to an ambience of openness, complete safety, and outright Pure Love. Amidst this new clime, the “templates” are assured to help people transition and flourish in ways they never thought possible!

Just look… In its early forms it is already so beautiful!

The templates will not only serve Gaia and her inhabitants. It will also serve the other Star Nations mentioned in this report.

Non-Human Life To Play a Major Role

In the human realm in recent decades we’ve seen the growing emergence of respect for other sentient life. This is reflected most evidently in diet showing the reduction or altogether full elimination of animal products.

Only a few decades ago, few to no people even knew what vegetarianism was – let alone just a few years ago the concept of veganism, raw foods (mainly vegetables), or more even abstract energy intake as breathanarianism (aka inedia).

The mere awareness of other life – let alone respect for other life forms as equals – in the near future will ramp up immensely.

Animals formerly known as “pets” will progressively be treated more and more as full-on family members. These animals will help people expand the notion that non-human life forms deserve respect and fair treatment. These family members will also guide people in honing a great new skill essential to human evolution: telepathy.

But as this section title says (“non-human”), there are more than just animals to consider. There are many other life forms. And no, they are not just what we have been trained to perceive as aliens or ETs. Read more about this in the closing statements of The Problem with the ET’s & Aliens.

We have so much to look forward to… Anyway…

Congratulations to Gaia & Her Inhabitants

Going back to the Array…

For the first time I saw the array make a major shift in its positioning – whereby for the first time the array was pointed directly at the Earth! In this movement, I saw two things:

Firstly: As most people would do, when I first beheld it a few months ago, I thought the Array was a mere machine. But no. Amazingly it is a living being. Perhaps this notion is hard to believe or even laughable for some. But this makes total sense: We (humans and non-humans) on Earth are entering an evolution that covers literally everything and everybody without limitation!

Secondly: The other thing I saw was that the Array was relaying a message of congratulations to Gaia. Not just the humans, but to all of Gaia as a living being, and to all her inhabitants human and non-human. Congratulations and the deepest respect comes to Earth from the other Star Nations to which we are connected through the Array. Also came the message of thanks to Gaia in serving as a “Big Sister” to the other nations in their concurrent evolutionary process.

And with these messages came the strongest feeling of… what cannot be expressed by any other word as…


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  • I feel that to make any headway (progress) in the ascension process will entail an absolute necessity for a shift to a higher consciousness. As we humans are today, how can we embrace such a rise in vibration without possessing gratitude, a higher intention and acceptance of galactic/natural laws?

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