Gene Decode Explains What’s Been Going On Recently – 1/12/2021

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Gene Decode Explains What’s Been Going On Recently.

Source: Super Soldier Talk

Video Notes:

  • GENE DECODE former U.S. Navy Decoder with highly valuable intel from the Deep-State agendas, elite bloodlines, satanic cults, and the D.U.M.B.S, to alien races, ancient civilizations buried underground, Antarctica, human harvesting, God, and The Great Awakening.
  • During the “storming” of the capital, White Hat agents confiscated Nancy P’s laptop, wherein were discovered the plans to sell GE’s technology to China for $5.4 billion.
  • Nancy tried to to escape the US twice. Supposed to be picked up by a DS submarine off the east coast.
  • She is now incarcerated at Camp Century, Greenland.
  • Gene discusses what was discovered on Nancy’s laptop.
  • Very top person (female) of the cabal surrendered.
  • Space Force can disable power grids and actual mechanical function in machines (like cars). They can also send signals that render people into a deep theta-level sleep to disable them.
  • DS was planning on setting off dirty nukes at 6 sites in the US.
  • Nancy attempted to acquire nuclear weapons codes to start global nuclear war with China and Russia.
  • DS P4 labs located under Three Gorges dam.
  • Head satanic DS / cabal has surrendered. Gene states one still needs to clean up the underlings to complete the cleanup.
  • In addition to Camp Century, there is also a new prison facility on the moon for housing DS players that have been arrested.
  • Trump just signed Insurrection Act after the Capital building was stormed.
  • Pope and Cardinals removed from Vatican last year.
  • Gold found under Vatican fills a tunnel of a length of 150 miles, stacked approximately 16 meters high, 120 meters wide. Does not include massive trove of treasures (such as art, sacred relics, and technologies) also stolen from people over eons.
  • Biden’s compound raided in Ukraine. White Hat troops found $350 million in gold bullion, maze of tunnels used for harvesting children’s adrenochrome, sacks of black heroine.
  • Biden might be allowed to be sworn in, but then immediately arrested afterward, immediately followed by possible announcement of closure of US Inc, to be taken over by USA Republic under NESARA, with military leader running the country until a new election finalizes the new president of the USA Republic.
  • After precedent of US has been set, other countries will follow suit.
  • Zuckerberg has already been arrested.
  • Blackouts are partly for removal of malevolent AI installed in various systems supported by the grid electricity.
  • Nancy wanted to use UN forces to take out Trump.
  • Parler was a CCP asset to harvest information of its members.
  • Radiant Guardian faction of Space Force in charge of security within the Solar System.
  • South Africa is 2nd powerful stronghold for Draco after Antarctica HQ.
  • White Hats are currently cleaning up South Africa Draco stronghold.
  • Currently there 17 countries running under Natural Law / Common Law and not foreign (cabal) Maritime Law.
  • JFK Jr. may be an upcoming US Vice President.

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  • ThankQ, for all you, do. God is with,us. Amen. 🇺🇲✝️❤️

  • thankyou, very helpful to read the summation of info in the notes

  • Is there an update? I pray all the content is going to happen quickly within days. Before jb and ch can ruin DT’s hard work, and pull down the wall and change this country into a full blown communism. Please hurry DT !
    God Bless You all, Grace and peace.

  • Keep praying and pray for those who will not see the truth. Once the children stories are out, we will all needed to see, acknowledge and heal. Beyond a human imagination and will show all that Satan exist, and God is our only salvation.

  • we found a santanic symbol in Rio Blanco County, Colorado USA please contact us for location a larhe building next it

  • Can you catch us up in last 2 months. Where do we stand now ?

    • Linda,

      This is not Gene’s official site, nor the site for contacting him. If you want to know what’s going on in recent months, do a search on “Gene Decode” on this site and listen to recent postings of what he says. That’s what this site is for.

      Otherwise send him an email at the address he provides at some of the videos he does. He receives at least 2,000 emails per day, so don’t expect an answer soon.

      Make the effort and do the search for the answer yourself.

      – John Helios
      Chief Editor
      Star Nations News

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