Gene Decode Explains What’s Weird About The Biden Transition – 1/22/2021

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Gene Decode Explains What’s Been Going On Recently.

Source: Nicholas Veniamin

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  • This information is wonderful, thank you for your service to humanity and to the great awakening. The truth cannot be suppressed, the truth will ‘always’ prevail……..God Bless you Nicholas.

  • Thank you John Helios, Nicholas, I love listening to Gene decode and his information.

    • Yeah! Gene is awesome! If you want to hear more (if they haven’t removed them from Youtube), you can search for “Gene” on the website and hear some of his old stuff.

  • Is there a possibility to post your videos on other platforms other than You Tube? Used to be able to download those valuable videos, but unable to since You Tube has disabled Torch from any further down loads, unless you have other programs to make it possible to download with.

    • Yes, whenever possible and if the original author makes it available, I try to post from alternative sites like Uge, Rublr, and Bitchute. I will not copy videos outright from the author as this may constitute a copyright violation, or other violation of their content. Also these videos take up loads of storage space, and this website gets absolutely no funding or donations to support such storage.

      If you find an alternative copy of a video on the site hosted elsewhere, please feel free to share it in the comments.

      Thank you, Stacey.

  • Thank you Nicolas for being such a great interviewer. You are so calm and allow the great information to flow. I’ve had visions of what’s to come and it’s really good. People waking up on mass and rejoicing in the work so few have done for so many.

    • Alice. Nicolas won’t see your comment here as this is not his website. This website serves only to link to his and thousands of other videos and articles about the awakening. I suggest you go to the video site and try leaving a comment there.

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