22nd January 2021 Interview With Doug Billings – Simon Parkes

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Simon gives an update on what’s going on in the background.

Source: Simon Parkes

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Video Notes:

  • “Original plan” was to collect important deep state players (including Biden) at the Capital Building, and arrest them using the 26,000 National Guard and Marine soldiers around the building. Tents near the buiding were there to process the arrested people.
  • “Something went wrong” with the original plan. Possibly what went wrong may have been that a dirty nuclear bomb (briefcase sized) whose use was threatened by deep state curtailed removal of Biden in DC and DS player arrest. Another attempt to remove Biden will be tried later, date unknown. Possibly by March or April.
  • Historical mention of JFK’s curtailed use of Project Bluebeam against Cuba.
  • Inauguration was prerecorded.
  • Approximately 800 high-ranking military officers (Generals, etc.) who support Trump and are willing to oppose Biden.
  • Biden been told he’s not allowed to enter the Pentagon.
  • Two people in the military admin now running the country. These two report to Trump.
  • Trump may be back as 19th US President under the pre-USA Inc. admin (under the US “Republic”) as set up prior to 18th President Ulysses S. Grant in the 1800s.
  • New Capital may possibly be in Texas. Simon mentions possible (unlikely) eventual bulldozing down Washington DC.
  • Historical mention of JFK’s desire to put US back on gold-standard monetary system.

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  • Thank you for update. Many are loosing hope. Sharing wherever we can.

    • Trump is letting us see what a mistake it is to let JB run the show. America has to learn the hard way for a while to see this reailty. This is painful unfortunately, but I don’t think it will continue for too long. Just how long until people wake up? Until they get sick and tired and actually start doing something. Doing what? That’s yet to be seen.

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