Lin Wood: I’m Confident The Military Is In Control Right Now

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It’s become a little difficult to get updates from Lin Wood as he’s been kicked off Twitter, then Parler went down, and it’s not 100% clear what profiles are his on some of the other platforms like Telegram or Clouthub.


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  • I am so glad to learn the military is behind Donald. But from what I am reading, almost every other level of government has Obama swamp in it. Meanwhile, we are all victims of an Information Operation (I0) to make Americans hate each other.

    The media is doing everything possible to block the story of how the election fraud really went down in ITALY!  I have enclosed the url for my article in Linkedin which will get you started.  There is much more!

    (10) LinkedIn

    Basically, Arturo D’Elia, an employee of the Italian Defense Contractor, Leonardo SpA, has CONFESSED to using cyber techniquest to throw the election to Biden. His affidavit has been published and you can find stories in the Italian press.  You may know about the Kraken and EUROC OMMAND raid on a CIA farm in Frankfurt which was using Skytl servers to tabulate our votes from Dominion machines. They ran into trouble because Trump’s win was so big, so they appealed to the U.S.Embassy in Italy.  A  guy named Stefano (first name) appears to have gotten in touch with Italian Defense Contractor Leonardo SpA and Arturo D’Elia, an employee, used cyber techniques to change the algorithm in key U.S. states. 

    Maria Zack of Nations in Action went to Trump with an armful of affidavits.  I understand she already went to Congress . She has a video out which is dynamite. Hopefully, you can still get it here. 

    (29) WATCH: Trumps arrive in Florida after White House departure – YouTube

     Obama is of course, behind it all.  He apparently used $400 million of money slated for Iran as  a slush fund to bribe people. It was also he who brought in the Dominion voting machines in 2012 through an anti-trust divestiture of ES&S machines  See the Nationalfile story based on the report of DanaJill and Jim Simpson in Canada. 

    You can find a lot more on the internet including Italian newspapers. 

    i also suggest you read this chilling account by Dave Hodges about the six stages of the coup in America.


    Mrs. Leni Valenta

    • I just got banned from LinkedIn after being with them for 15 years. They couldn’t handle the truth I was sharing there. I’ll try to respond more later.

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