Dream of a New Earth Café & Quantum Computing Application

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New Earth Café

In my dream I was in a “pub”. But it was unlike any I’ve seen in my life.

The reason why I call it a “pub” was only because that’s what a few other people in the dream called it. I could hear them talking to others on their communication devices (cell phones? – not sure as I didn’t see what they were using) with others about the “pub” we were in. It must have been a “clean” pub – more like a café – as I got the very definite feeling it didn’t serve alcoholic beverages. On further recollection, it didn’t serve alcohol for sure, but perhaps coffee, tea or other less toxic beverages.

It was more like a café, as it was comfortable (a mostly warm wooden interior). Not crowded, roomy, and the scene I witnessed took place during the daytime. Outside the windows were plants and gardens.

The location of this “pub” could have been anywhere in the world, because the people that showed up were of all different backgrounds. One pair of café patrons spoke with Brit and American accents. Yet others Asian. The pub’s location reminded me a place I had been to in Tucson, but aspects of it also reminded of my home in Taiwan.

I was sitting on a sofa with some broad sturdy shelving located next to it. Suddenly a man with darkish skin (from India?) arrived with his two children who were both around five to seven years of age. Both kids jumped onto the sofa and crawled along the long edge of the sofa’s headrest right next to where I was sitting.

The first child crawled on the headrest past me okay, but as the second one crawled past me, he fell down onto my shoulder. As he squirmed to get back up on the headrest, I lent a hand to help push him back up. The child’s father scolded him mildly, but in seeing me smilingly push his child back up (kids will be kids!), he didn’t persist on scolding him. Both kids were climbing to the broad shelving next to the sofa, apparently as they were meant to be played on by the children or pets of café visitors.

After a while I got up and walked to the other darker side of the pub and saw a group of younger people in their late teens or early twenties gathered around a “service counter”. The counter was like a mini police station. In some some places around the windows, it bore the checkered design that British police hats have, and it had some signage that signified that it was a somewhat formal location, like a police station. But it was so small, and it wasn’t a police station. The service people inside weren’t in uniform, and they didn’t conduct themselves officiously. It seemed rather that they were there to offer help, genuine help.

One of the kids was girl (perhaps around 18 years of age) with pink-dyed hair dressed in a somewhat punkish/rebel outfight, was at the counter. She spoke briefly with a service man behind the plexiglass window at the counter. The service man beckoned to a hole in the window, through which the girl placed her head.

In the space next to where she put her head, there was a box-like device that seemed to be made of wood, or had a somewhat “natural” feel to it. The girl faced the device and spoke to it. She spoke very clearly and distinctly, like she was intentionally trying her best to speak in such manner. After a few moments she finished speaking and left. Several other young people were in queue for the second service person (a lady) on the left. They got the help they needed and then left.

During this entire scene, I had been observing in utter fascination, and thus by not being familiar with what I was seeing there (true), the service woman and man must have assumed I was at a loss for what help I needed. With no-one in queue for help at the counter, the man asked me whether I needed help. I smiled and said no, that I was waiting for a friend to show up in the pub. He and the service woman both cracked a smirky smile, obviously amused at my ignorance for what the “pub” and their “mini police station”were really for (and I’ll explain later).

As no-one else was there, and the service people were seemingly so friendly, I told them this situation reminded me of a funny experience I had had some time before. As I told them, some other young people showed up and stood there next to me, listening to what I had to say. They didn’t push up to the counter for service, but allowed me to continue speaking my story without interruption. I don’t remember what story it was I was telling, but it muist have been funny, as at its end we all ended up laughing.

The dream ended here.

Some Interpretation

After waking from it, I was perplexed as to what this dream may have been about.

But after a while I understood.

The “pub” was indeed a café, but was euphemistically called a pub by the young people there who were accustomed to going to pubs and night clubs where they could get access to alcohol and drugs. But because dream took place on the New Earth, the Earth and her people were in a transition time of healing. They were in the process of “getting clean”.

The pub/café was a space for the benefit of young people who still craved a place where they could come to meet other young folk, get (healthy) drinks, and otherwise be social. But because it was a healthy safe place, the father I saw felt safe enough to bring his children there to play. I felt completely at ease there watching other people. I could have brought a book to read as I sat there on the comfy sofa.

The “mini police station” was indeed some kind of formal facility that may have belonged to some kind of government. But it was very small, informal, and was staffed by helpful people who job wasn’t to be officious or controlling. They were there more to help the mostly young people who showed up. There were no other desks or equipment in their small office behind the counter. Just their two desk spaces. And there seemed to be little to no busywork. As they worked helping the people who came to the counter, I saw no shuffling of papers. They just faced their “customers” and intentionally paid attention to them as if they wished to offer help or advice.

Quantum Computer

On further reflection after awakening from this dream:

The machine the young lady was talking to was a “check-in station”. Due to her radical dress and mannerisms, she apparently may have been addicted to a wild lifestyle (and maybe drugs) previously, but was recovering. Rather than face the possible embarrassment of reporting to another person (likened to a “parole officer”) whom she might have felt would be judgmental of her, she instead was “checking in” and recording her check-in at a computer station to state she was okay.

The computer was a special kind of quantum computer designed to detect the condition of the person it recorded. By detecting her face, mannerism, tone of voice and maybe even her energy signature, it would be able to determine what state she was in, and whether she may have needed some interaction with people or other resources to help her with her “recovery”. Or maybe she was okay and needed no help.

People who have done the research will know advanced quantum computers with this kind of capability exist already. Other researchers and truth-seekers have also had similar dreams, visions, or predictions of such technology. The Quantum Financial System (QFS), “med-beds” and other quantum platforms seem to be on the edge of this disclosure also.

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