NESARA / GESARA – This Is the Real Quantum Financial System (QFS)

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This gentleman discusses the legitimacy of claims about NESARA / GESARA and the Quantum Financial System (QFS).

Source: The Hidden Things in Front of Your Eyes

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  • I am very interested. I have found very little detailed information regarding the system, how it will work, how monies will be revalued nor how transactions will take place under this system. Please let me know where I may obtain greater in depth information on the QFS, GESARA and NESARA. From what I have heard it offers hope and promise more than anything I have heard. I have spent most of my life teaching the Bible all over North, Central and South America in hope of help others find a better way of life. I never made charges for my services or expenses. The Lord called me and I told Him I would obey but He would have to open every door He wanted me to enter and He would have meet all of my needs. My family lived this way for over fifty years. We never had abundance but we always had enough. We have learned how faithful and caring He is. From what I have heard thus far of the QFS seems to offer hope and possibility for people in a very hopeful way.

    • E. J.,

      God bless you and thank you for everything you have done! With persistence, indeed all God’s angels on Earth will have abundance!

      Please do a search on the Star Nations News℠ website for those very words/terms you ask about in your message. Anytime I see something new on a topic of interest, I will post it on the site. Just keep up to date on new postings.

      And please pass the website address on to your freinds and ask them to subscribe! Thanks!


      – John Helios
      Chief Editor
      Star Nations News℠

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