Drachk ET D.U.M.B. Removal Ship Spotted Over Denver – Jay Arae Essex

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Click the original video article link here >>> FAntarctica Starship Opening, Alaskan Annunaki Being Attacked, UFO’s Collect Water (1-25-2017)

Here’s what’s happening with all the water-spouts getting sucked up into the clouds. Here’s one of 4 locations that Starships, TR-3’s, etc. use to fly through Antarctica to the incredibly huge Ancient Mothership on the ocean floor beneath it. And, here’s something that is about to happen in the Alaska/Yukon area of North America. Earth’s Freedom War is being brought to the problematic Annunaki here on Earth near Alaska. This will continue until they are no more. More info is available at JayAraeEssex.com and TheSpiritualFoundation.com

Source: Jay Arae Essex


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