The True Nature of Reality – Darryl Anka “Bashar”

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Click the original video or article link here >>> “The True Nature of Reality” – Darryl Anka “Bashar” Full Interview with Kristin Gillespie

Rare, never-before-seen FULL INTERVIEW with DARRYL ANKA, heralded channel of “BASHAR,” packed full of cutting-edge info so needed to navigate our current TIMELINE BIFURCATION – on the nature of reality, parallel & overlapping realities, bleed-throughs, Earth splitting, glass walls, Mandala Effect, “All That Is” & so much more!

Other topics discussed: Ascension, self-limiting beliefs, reflective mirrors, dimensions vs densities, Universal Law, Higher / Future Self communication, abundance, synchronicity, path of least resistance, power point in paradox, deja vu, channelling, the man behind the curtain, gamma states, contact, critical mass, and what it means to be a sentient being as the 1st reflection of The One. (Filmed Spring 2019 for documentary series “Deconstructing Sentience”).

Source: Deconstructing Sentience

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