Republic in Transition: The Final Drama – 3/14/2021

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Reporter has dinner with Juan O Savin and confirms three points:

“01 He confirmed 1 April as the “by” date for the President’s return.

“02 He confirmed the value of our national tour and we discuss a meme that he will do an interview with me on today: BDS DNC & GOP — I and Cynthia are going to lead the charge on shutting down all donations to all political candidates until such time as #UNRIG Election Reform Act is passed — this will probably require that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi resign first so this is non-trivial. NO MORE MONEY FOR ANY POLITICAN IN A RIGGED SYSTEM.

“03 We discussed the next big step in the truth movement centered on and my ideas for Web 3.0, World-Brain, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). Various indicators from him and others are that I will have a useful role to play for the next 20 years.”


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