The Mystery Man Behind The US Navy’s Antigravity & Other Patents

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In 2019 the US Navy is assignee on 5 revolutionary patents invented by Salvatore Cezar Pais. Stuff like a fusion reactor that produces 1000 gigawatts that’s a size basket ball. That’s enough to power almost 100 big cities and the other one is an antigravity craft that can fly equally in air, water and space with crew not experiencing inertia. The U.S Navy claims Pais’ patents are enabled and operable. Whistleblowers from the military’s industrial complex have made allegations against the Navy that they have had antigravity space ships and free energy fusion reactors for decades. information about antigravity space ships sounds extremely similar to Pais’ inventions leading one to speculate that this technology has existed a lot longer than what we are being told which could mean there are secret military space programs in operation deploying personnel throughout the solar system and possibly beyond. This documentary examines the patents and evidence of secret space programs.

Source: Frank Gotz

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