The Wayshower’s Leap – Amanda Lorence

“Into the Light” by Amanda Lorence
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What I am about to share and support with, has NOT happened yet, as it’s a POINT in the Galactic Timeline to come. I say this for absolute clarity. So regardless of any experiences, or any precursors, what I am about to describe below, is support for WHEN the Galactic Timeline presents, to humanity. Once it arrives, the below experience occurs over a period of time, one by one. WHEN (date wise) this occurs for each, I do not know. I only know I’ve been shown this upcoming juncture for humanity in puzzle pieces, throughout my life.


VERY INDIVIDUALLY, each individual will arrive at THEIR ‘moment’ to LEAP. It is an etherical leap, NOT a physical one, and certainly not a point of exiting the body permanently. It is a JUNCTURE in each’s own game, where each can choose to let go of the old paradigm completely, or not. I am not talking about the ‘step by step’ detachments a spiritual path presents. I talk about a point TO COME, scripted within the Galactic Timeline where ‘En Mass’ many LEAP. A few have already done so, but quietly so. In order to be able to energetically support masses through at the Galactic Timeline juncture point. These are few, and in complete equalness to EVERYONE awake and unawakened, that are designed to take the LEAP. It’s the Paradigm Shift Point I am talking about here, where the 100th Monkey effect will take effect once people begin to LEAP, at the BEGINNING of the Shift Point.

From the humanised personality perspective, this juncture will present differently for each. Some will experience inner fear, stress, confusion, not knowing, whilst others will be calm and of more knowing to just Leap. But to explain now, so people have time to consider inwardly, that:


* No one will decide for you.

* No one will be persuading you to Leap.

* Even with another’s support, it remains YOUR decision. You jump by yourself.

* Choice: to let go of one lower frequency reality, for a higher one, keeping your body.

* That LEAP point, is between YOU and GOD/SOURCE alone.

When the ‘en mass’ migration occurs, which is ENERGETIC (staying with the physical body), after each LEAP, they ‘arrive’ into the NEW Paradigm and Consciousness awaiting them. This is the part where on ‘arrival’, there may be a little shock (or not), due to the difference in realities. So expect perhaps an adjustment period of relief and relaxation as you adjust. It’s a completely different way of living. There is nothing to fear, because there is NO fear in the NEW Paradigm.

MY PERSPECTIVE of this explanation:

In the year of the Harmonic Convergence, 1987, I was given 6 weeks where 3 realties played out simultaneously to one another every day. Those realities were:

1] The 1987 everyday timeline and working life.

2] I watched as a spectator of another person’s alternative/past timeline. (NB there is no time, just an experience of ‘Time’).

3] The NEW Paradigm. Where I learnt for 6 weeks how to live and understand the higher frequency data all around us and the way of living in the present and GUIDED moment of the 5D navigational system.

After this 6 week period, I was then electrocuted weekly by the ‘system’, in order to stop the increased brain abilities, and drugged via tablets and injections daily, to effectively ‘fell back asleep’ until the perfect timing of my ‘awakening’ in 2012. I am sharing this deeply personal part of my life ONLY, solely, so that people can understand, my data shared has always been solid all along. I’ve always known and been shown since 2012, and more importantly, I’ve been ENERGETICALLY supported, since 2012. And this is WHY I have been supporting freely to anyone that resonates here. Not loudly, but always with the bigger picture viewpoint. To assist people towards the JUNCTURE humanity approaches ‘En Mass’.

I emphasise, people will LEAP, one by one, so they arrive one at a time.

After people LEAP, as they ‘arrive’, everything is changed, and we can then begin to build. Not from previous consciousness states and belief systems humanity has known for 1000’s of years, but from the NEW state of conscious being within the new HIGHER frequency Paradigm.

I share this information Now, not knowing dates of the upcoming Galactic Timelime, of Mass migration. To bring peace and reassurance that each choose for themselves and have chosen already at SOUL LEVEL, regardless of whether people are currently awake, or asleep. If you know NOW, at least it may help bring assurance to you, in your moment ahead. And to trust everyone’s choice because it’s theirs alone to make and already DONE.

If you choose to LEAP, when you leap, you FIRSTLY leap into the etherical energetic presence and consciousness of the ‘being’ of God/Source/Creator. No one falls. So there is nothing to fear. I emphasise, it’s a choice point experience, between YOU and GOD. And has not arrived yet for the vast percentage of humanity. This juncture comes via the over-residing Galactic / Cosmic Timeline we have been a part of all along, regardless of whether a person believes it or not.

Be in peace, Be aware of YOUR choice point to come, knowing ALL are held by God, being forever present in ALL moments and all things. And trust everyone’s path, there’s no need to convince anyone of anything.

I hope this helps and I will continue to support in my way, as data arrives within.

One Love,

Amanda Lorence

1 April 2021

“Into the Light”. 2015. Oil on Canvas. Artist Amanda Lorence.

(In case people wonder, yes, it’s the NEW Paradigm I painted)

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