ET Ambassadors, Contactees & Super soldiers

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Click the original video or article link here >>> ET Ambassadors, Contactees & Supersoldier: Bradley, El Ka, Dean, Wilde, Brinegar, Lindsey, Hawker, Rodriques, Walton, Cooper, Tremaine, Titor, Ross, Orozco, Hernandez, Aurora, Stone, Lalish, Basiago, Crawford, Perala, Green, Cramer, Lessin, Johnson, Johnston, Jansen & Onec–Youtubes & Raps

Hear Bob Dean, Russell Brinegar, Gloria Hawker, Penny Bradley, Travis Walton, Tony Rodriques, El Ka, Michael Salla, Daniel Cooper, Nancy Tremaine, Gen. John Titor II, Suzanne Ross, Barbara Jean Lindsey, Clifford Stone, Travis Walton, Andrew Basiago, Randy Cramer, Ken Johnston, George Green, Sherry Wilde, Miesha Johnston, Cynthia Crawford, Robert Peralta, Janet Kira Lessin, Reinerio Hernandez, Hildregard Gmeiser, Nadine Lalich, Geraldine Orozco, Aurora, Olaf Jansen, Onec and others share their experiences.


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