More Hints Coming: China Upgrades Its Firefighters With Super-Human Exoskeletons

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Click the original video or article link here >>> China Just Upgraded Its Firefighters With Super-Human Exoskeletons

“This exoskeleton system will be applied to enhance a firefighter’s weight carrying capability to up to 50 kilograms, facilitating their movements in complicated environments such as mountain areas and in the woods,” said China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp (CASIC) developers in the Global Times report.”


Editor Note: What this doesn’t hint at (but we here are! wink!) is the recent rise in reporting exoskeleton “battle armor” used in Super Soldier technology being exploited by not only China, but other countries such as France, the US, and many more. Such soldiers are covered here: Who’s Creating Super Soldiers? – Riss Flex

Exoskeleton “battle armor” has been spoken of by super soldiers as seen in the following. Do a search on the word “armor” in each article:


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