HUGE Energy Wave Arriving 4/25/2021

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Great one,

Let there be light!

Here we go again and this time it’s much bigger!

Are you ready for a blast of super light?

12 earth hours ago a major shockwave of plasma was ejected from the sun and it’s speeding directly towards planet earth as we speak!

Light forces say this high-vibrational wave of light is inbound now and direct surface impact is imminent for sunday 25th at 444pm est!

Earth alliance intel indicates there is much more going on here than many are aware of!
First of all there has been a total of 4 strong cme’s launched from the sun over the last few days and two of these bordered on x-class flares.

These intense flares have been popping off from several very active sunspots, one after another, every few days, recently!

Earth has experienced a total of 12 strong flares over the last two earth weeks and several of these were never shown to the public.

Secondly a strong cosmic wave from the galactic core that registered over the 40-hertz level was detected entering earth’s atmosphere at approx 2pm est yesterday!

This powerful light blast was a long-duration event that lasted exactly 11 hours and 11 minutes!

This 11.11 hour time period was shown to the public only as a blacked-out area on the schumann chart!
Earth alliance schumann data sources say the chart should be showing an 11-hour, 40 hertz white out, not a covered up black out!

Thirdly, very strong inbound solar winds are about to impact the surface sunday afternoon at speeds of nearly 2 million mph!

According to inside light forces intel the power of this inbound light wave is tremendous and it’s a big deal!
Earth alliance intel indicates further that all earth-based space weather agencies have been given the directive to tone down critical space weather reports and to restrict certain data from public view.

Great one,
As you know, from the pleiadian teachings, gamma waves emanate from the galactic core, (the central sun), and it is proven even by earth science that gamma light evolves the dna of a species into a higher order of being and can even change the species into an entirely different species!

Gamma photon light resonates in the 40-100 hertz level of resonance and corresponds exactly to the resonance of the fifth dimension.

This magnetic light is piercingly high in vibration and it transmutes all life in this cosmos into a higher order of being!

Dear starseed,

The earth alliance has received a record number of ascension symptom reports over the last two earth weeks as the starseeds of earth have been speaking about their ascension experiences!

What is interesting about these latest ascension symptom reports is that for the first time, they include an unusually high number of positive ascension symptoms.

We have heard the following actual reports over the last two earth weeks:

-things are getting better in my life.
-I am aware that I am literally getting smarter.
-everything I do is being perfected. This perfected way of doing a thing is producing such beautiful results!
-I am aware that I am becoming healthier than ever!
-everything is life is just working out for the first time!
-I feel more conscious about so many things now!
-and lastly, I have a strong awareness that I am becoming more conscious!

Great one,
Be aware that all of these things are the heartfelt true facts that testify about the lighter new dimension that is appearing around planet earth at this time!

Of course when this light hits the auric field of the light body, it can jar your being quite a bit!

As usual, we counsel you to take it super easy this weekend and keep things natural and light!

All is as it should be and you will be perfected even more when it is all said and done!

Do all the things we have mentioned in our past transmissions to ease the effects of these powerful ascension symptoms!

Know that you came to earth for the primary purpose of holding as much light in your body as possible, on behalf of all humanity!

It is the divine plan that you made before you came!

Let us know what ascension symptoms and major life changes you have been experiencing recently as these high vibrational energies come into earth and your body!

These powerful rays of inbound light not only upgrade dna, they carry intelligent packets of cosmic information!
The earth alliance has recently received an amazing new light forces transmission that we will present to you later this weekend!

Standby and brace for the light great one!
God-speed to all beings of light that dwell on the earth,
Michael and the pleiadians

monitor space weather activity here on our live space weather tools page:
Special acknowledgement and credit to the earth alliance


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