Connecting Consciousness (April 25, 2021) – Simon Parkes

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Simon provides news on Connecting Consciousness’s office removal from Britain to the US.


Video Notes:

  • Simon’s show on YouTube was de-platformed, but he was recently reinstated.
  • Simon’s laptop and cell phone both “died”, suggesting he’s being targeted.
  • Connecting Consciousness (CC) will be relocating to the “west coast of Florida”. Simon plans to go to Florida for a fact-finding tour in June or July 2021, so that he can make an informed decision about his move.
  • CC move (for now) is forecasted to be approximately December 2021 to January 2022.
  • The move is being offered by the “New Financial Government” that has been quietly established in the US.
  • After relocation, Simon will spend some time in the US, some time in Britain.
  • Smaller “apartment offices” will be established in California, Texas, and Arizona.
  • At 19:35 Simon starts speaking of the Quantum Financial System (QFS). But first he starts off with some historical and other background information.
  • JFK was murdered because he was about ready to bring in a new financial system that he was partnering with the King of Indonesia to bring online.
  • Trump’s role in the White House was to set up the backdrop for the new upcoming system.
  • Humanitarian and spiritually based group of people are keen on ridding the world of the crumbling satanic system.
  • $34 quintrillion in gold confiscated from the Vatican.
  • Armada and Mossad satellites recently taken down.
  • New QFS system will starve out the power mongers of the old financial system. Evidence of financial strides showed up in South Africa where the cabal tried to steal monies from the Sovereign Fund and didn’t get away with that attempted caper.
  • Charlie Ward and Simon will disclose info about the new financial system’s impact on spiritually guided people (who require funding for their philanthropic projects).
  • CC hopes to be hosting/managing several benevolent projects across the world. This would include (to start) a chain of “healing centers” and clinics in every state in the USA.
  • At 28:38, Simon merely mentions med bed technology. He cannot provide any details yet.
  • At 30:41, he begins to define the QFS for people who have never heard of it.
  • “When Trump returns” as part of the new QFS, he will remove the current personal income taxes in continental US.
  • Simon expects Trump to come back, and that mainstream media (MSM) will be dealt with.
  • Background military government did not expect people to be so passive in their reaction about the fake president JB and his many illegal actions. So it appears the background military government will soon be taking overt action against the MSM.
  • The country will eventually be handed over to a legitimate civilian leadership (Simon specifically did not use the word “government”).
  • At 36:18, mention of the “Quantum System” – not the Quantum Financial System (QFS).
  • Connecting Consciousness (CC) now has 80,000 members.
  • White Hats have taken control of the majority of the global HAARP facilities.
  • QFS will starve out funding for the remaining chem-trail activities.


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