Gene Decode Discusses Quantum Physics, Non Terrestrials & Timelines – Nicholas Veniamin

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Gene Decode Discusses Quantum Physics, Non Terrestrials & Timelines – Nicholas Veniamin


Topics Discussed:

  • Our neighbors prefer to be called “non-terrestrials”.
  • Moon is a base, hollow.
  • Gene explains why pretty much moon craters are all the same depth, no matter what size meteor strikes the moon. This is physically impossible if the moon is solid. Larger meteors would created a deeper crater than smaller ones.
  • War between Atlantis and Lemuria.
  • Originally there were many cities on the moon’s surface
  • Moon built by the Adama race
  • The Nazis built the first human-inhabited moon base on the moon in the shape of a swastika, which was informally disclosed to the public in the movie Iron Sky, which mentions “nazis on the moon” and even shows a model of the swastika base on the moon. See the trailer for this movie here.
  • Later the original base became what is known among the Dark Fleet as Lunar Operations Command (LOC), mentioned by super soldier Johan Fritz and many others.
  • There are Lunar Operations Command (LOC) centers A, B, C, and D. All LOCs are now under Alliance (the good guys) control.
  • Nibiru system passed the sun in 2016, passed Earth (hereafter called Gaia)in 2018, causing the recent wobble of the Earth on its axis.
    Editor note: There seems to be info from sky observers that contradict Gene’s statement that the Nibiru system already passed. See the postings on social media groups (like this) dedicated to observations of what appear to be planets of various sizes passing overhead. I surmise Gene may be provided this possible “misinformation” about the planets’ passing so that people will not freak out and think these planets will impact Gaia. Other indications of planets currently passing are evident in national observatories’ magnetosphere images, and as well as the presence of noctilucent streamers seen in the night skies around the world, suggesting the magnetic repulsion of the planets against the Gaia (which explains why these planets do not strike the Gaia).
  • Zechariah Sitchin
  • Gold used by the Annunaki to reseed their home planet’s atmosphere
  • Tiamet / Kinu
  • Grand Canyon
  • 1980s brain-drain due to development of Mars colonies.
  • Mar colonies trade with over 890 species. (On this site, look up the term “Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate”.
  • In conjunction with Bill Gates and his resources, the cabal had developed a bio-weapon (found on the Evergreen ship stuck in the Suez) that was supposed to wipe out all mammalian life on Gaia. Use of the weapon was stopped.
  • The ship stuck in the Suez also carried nuclear weapons intended to start WW3, as well as thousands of trafficked people.
  • 29 other ships were also stopped and searched.
  • All ships operated by Evergreen and Maersk are searched, as well as random searched on other sea line ships.
  • Negative non-terrestrial races came primarily from the Orion system and Barnard’s Star, about 500.000 years ago when the moon was brought to Gaia.
  • Plants, using sun’s energy, attributed with increasing the mass of Gaia’s. Basically converting energy into mass.
  • Purpose of Van Allen belt (non-terrestrial tech)
  • And much, much more…


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