Med Beds: Alleged New Photos

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Editor Notes:

  • These are new photos of the med beds.
  • A trusted psychic source has “looked into” these photos and they say they are real.
  • Current rumors (mostly from Charlie Ward) are that they’re currently being manufactured in Texas and Florida. Sorry, no other information…


Click the original article link here >>> Sean Christopher: Help is on the Way My beloveds…🦸‍♂️😇🛸🙋‍♂️

Message as posted on Facebook 4/29/2021:

“Help is on the Way My beloveds…🦸‍♂️😇🛸🙋‍♂️

The Galactic Federation has answered your call for loving assistance for all humanity to have the right to live in accordance to Natural Divine Law. We live in service to others unconditional and eternally.

We are the Elohim Angelic Kristos Angelic Avatars and we are your overseers and Galactic Guardians.

Med Beds will be ushered out sooner than anticipated. We love you.

The Captain”


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  • Extremely enlightening to say the least, thank you so much for I am in great need of one now.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, many of the website’s readers (including me) are in need of med beds.

      And they cannot come too soon!

      The more you pray for your own health, and do whatever you can to make it better, the faster the med beds will come!

      Thank you! Bless you!

  • Patricia Betty Rosen

    Thank you so much for helping hose in need of this technology. There are many who are suffering needlessly from ailments that could apparently be cured by these beds. Know that we are grateful to you and to God for sending these to us. We are anxious for their appearance here. With love and gratitude,

  • When I can receive a ticket for the use of the Med-Bed it will be a dream come true, wife & I would like to raise an honest God loving family after our missing body parts are replaced and I could live completely pain free of 55 + yrs. of grueling pain, and end the use of these debilitating pain pills forever more, oh yes please make it happen, thank you for everything being accomplished for all us Humans on Terra Gaia. Namaste.

  • Charlie Ward said that when the QFS goes completely online, the first two beds would go to 1 in Texas and the other in Florida. I never heard him say they were being made there.

  • How can we know when we can use these technologies in Texas where will they start like what city? Mom and I need it desperately! I am not wanting to do chiropractor care for my spine and hip unalignment and also other issues inflammation thyroid, lymphatics, mental, etc! I still don’t think I was diagnosed properly for some issues just sleep deprived was all!

    • Ginger,

      You and may other folks have contacted me with this and similar questions.

      As I am not directly in contact with people who will be rolling out the med beds, I have no answer for you. Please be assured, as soon as I hear word of their rollout, I will share it here on the website.

      In the meantime…

      Med beds are a physical form of Quantum Healing. There are more abstract forms of quantum healing that – based on my personal experience – do indeed help. I recommend you try the Quantum Healing Session in the following link, which yes, has helped me with my healing as a recovering cancer (among mother ailments) victim:

      – John Helios
      Founder & Chief Editor
      Star Nations News℠

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