Special Report: Mars Liberation War is Underway! – Michael Salla

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Click the original video or article link here >>> Is Mars in the midst of a Planetary Liberation War?

According to Elena, the Galactic Federation has begun helping liberate Mars from the influence of the Draconians and Orions by supporting indigenous Martians with supplies, weapons, and tactical information. The Federation has also been assisting a local resistance movement that exists in the human colonies that have been established on Mars.

Source: exopolitics.org

Editor’s Notes:

  • Earth is no less important than Mars, and is currently undergoing liberation – although the mainstream media is not covering this. As Elena says in the report:

    “So that’s what is happening at the moment. I think it’s going to get even worse in combat, but we need, you know, we need to hear the ground crew on earth we need to do our job, which is to raise our frequencies. The Galactic Federation, Council of Five, the Andromeda Council they are bombarding the whole system with high frequency. So, we need to do our job as well as raise our frequency. That’s the only way that we can be immune to mind control and Reptilians and Greys, and also to be stronger than them. Because I’m going to tell you something, OK, we’re way more powerful than we think we are.”

  • The author of the linked report (Michael Salla) has graciously provided a transcript of Elena Danaan’s talk, which at times is difficult to understand due to audio volume.


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