Starseeds on The Otherside – Sean Christopher

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There are countless Starseeds on the Surface who are already pretty awakened, who are also engaged in the Liberation of the Planet during everyday life (even if only on social networks)… and who lead an ethereal double life at night without their knowledge. Because these Starseeds leave the body during night and take part in the Ultra Top Secret covert operations as operatives with the the Light Forces on the non-physical plain of this planet and many others, some of them also in cooperation with Positive Forces below Earths Surface.

They go to the Confederation Ships at night and make report, they join underground meetings… or are also involved in direct battles against the Dark Ones and the Chimera. And the next morning they wake up and cannot remember anything at all, or if so, then only fragmentarily and blurred, because the Light Forces would block the memories for their own protection (which is also agreed with their Higher Selves).

That’s why many Starseeds feel extremely tired in the morning despite enough sleep, because (apart from attacks) they are carrying out missions at night. With the rising energies on Holy Terra more and more memories get unlocked in this respect.

We as Galactic Ultra-Beings are able to operate and live multidimensional lives while all the humans go about their daily routines and never truly known that the bravest warriors in the galaxy live amongst them as everyday people.

Be proud of yourselves for stepping up as new earth leaders & serving humanity to the fullest capacity of your beingness.

The Captain 🧑‍✈️

Source: Sean Christopher


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