The Amazing Story of Joseph Turner (Part 2) – John Helios

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Star Nations News℠ Chief Editor John Helios exclusive interview with the amazing Joseph Turner.

In this interview former US Army soldier Joseph Turner provides some background on his former life before it was turned upside-down by multiple injuries which should have been covered by the US govt Veteran’s Administration.

After battling in a lawsuit he filed against the government in which he brought to light the unpaid benefits due to thousands of veterans who have been waiting upwards of 30 years or more for unpaid compensation (amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars), Joseph states he was sent out of the US to Taiwan approximately 5 years ago to basically get him out of the way.

Despite being in such a faraway place, Joseph hints that his contacts with various govt entities keep tabs on him, and arrange for his successful and continuing livelihood at the wildly successful bed-and-breakfast he runs in Taiwan.

Stay tuned, as Joseph will continue interviewing with Star Nations News℠ to relay his findings about the (now-foiled) plot to significantly reduce the world’s population, and advanced technologies including people’s connection to AI, and anti-gravity spacecraft, his connection to Edward Snowden in Russia, and more.

Joesph Turner’s website:

Also see Part 1 here.


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