Earth Alliance Space Weather Alert (May 13, 2021) – Michael Love

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Earth alliance space weather alert – severe KP levels reported around planet earth! ***

At 9:30 am est this morning a powerful wave of solar particles breached earth’s atmosphere, raising KP index levels to severe levels!

Earth’s magnetic field is being pounded as we speak and exotic cosmic particles are impacting the surface at speeds of almost 2 million mph!

The earth alliance is monitoring the situation closely as starseeds around the earth prepare to integrate this massive light influx!
A major planetary DNA activation will be taking place over the next 72 hours as earth moves further along the gamma, new-earth timeline!

Hang on and take the best care of your light body!
Feel free to share any ascension symptoms you may be experiencing from this incredible light blast!

Updates forthcoming…

God-speed! Monitor space weather activity here on our live space weather tools page:



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