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This is your Star Nations News Chief Editor and Founder John Helios. I had a dream this morning, which bodes for good global financial things underway that many of us have been awaiting for years. I will share it with you now…

(This is regarding the upcoming GCR (global currency reset), RV (revaluation), and NESARA / GESARA, which you can learn about more by looking up these terms on this website.



I had a dream this AM:

“Just now woke up from this dream just about exactly at midnight.

In the dream, I was at a retail/bank counter. The lady in front of me was buying a sh**load of something, and the cashier rang it up for like 3 million Chinese dollars. Now, why was it being rung up in a foreign currency? The customer left and my transaction got rung up in US dollars.

But then I saw the previous lady walk into a glass room right next to us, and she was working on a machine that looked like an ATM. I got distracted from my transaction and walked over to see her, to ask her about why she was rung up in Chinese dollars.

In her hand she was holding her bag filled with these small ball-like things that she just bought. They looked like those detergent soap balls that were popular some months ago. Except the idea I got were that these were “tokens”.
As I approached her, she got spooked and started to leave the ATM-thing, and I suddenly spoke to her in Chinese, saying, “Can you speak Chinese?” (I used to lived in Taiwan and China for 10 years, so I speak Mandarin). She turned to me and looked to be of Asian-Western mix, and also seemed relieved that I wasn’t going to rob or pester her. She then asked me if I wanted to go out and have lunch together so we could talk. I said yes, but first I needed to go back to the counter to get my purchase and my credit card I just purchased my stuff with.

When I got back to the counter, the cashier was already ringing up the next customer, and I asked to get my stuff, my receipt, and my credit card back. The sales agent made it clear she needed to finish with the current customer before she could help me. I agreed to wait.

Upon turning around and leaning against the counter, I saw that a group of people had come flooding in to the counter, and it seemed to me then that the counter was also like a bank counter. All these people were really nervous, talking and jabbering nervously among each other, and they began clamoring to for immediate help from the counter agent.

I turned around and saw the counter agent had finished taking care of the customer I was waiting to finish, but the agent was talking with a bunch of other agents that had come in from the back offices, and no-one paid any attention to me when I asked for all my things to be returned.

I turned around and the rush of customer-people in the room had become much larger. I turned to the lady customer I saw at the ATM and made a few comments in Chinese to her. Some people in the crowd nearby seemed annoyed at me, but I could see they had bigger concerns on their minds.

I turned back to the group of agents behind the counter and saw they had left, and had even turned off the lights behind them. So the bank counter was closed down.

I turned back to the crowd and declared several times, “They left!” A man near me very calmly said, “They are having a meeting. I heard them say they needed to meet ASAP.”

The dream ended.

So… this seems to be a dream about something serious goings-on with the financial system.

This reminds me of a dream I had about two years ago when I was still in Taiwan. In this dream, I met many people in the Taiwan government, including the Taiwanese Madame President Tsai Ying-wen. They were all very excited. They had received some posters and banners and other public announcement material from the US regarding the upcoming global NESARA and GESARA events. They were going to have these translated into Taiwan Chinese and distribute them to educate people about the upcoming changes.



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