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The event will be sudden and unexpected. At the time of the event, the Forces of Light from outer space and the Forces of Resistance Movement and positive Aghartians of the inner Earth will meet on the planetary surface. It will be COMPRESSION BREAK 🗜, which is the codename for Cobra in English. At that point, the entire Dark Cabal will be ′ ′ compressed, ‘captured, trapped and disarmed – this is already happening. The Terra Alliance – Positive Military, White Nobility, Positive Groups, etc. – will also participate. to operations on site. At the same time, there will be a solar flash coming from the Galactic Central Sun, this Flash is under the control of Starfleet of giant infant ships strategically stationed inside and outside the solar system Moreover, the global financial system – Quantum Financial System (QFS) – will restart the quantum system, which is already ready, a fair and fraud-free system, as it will be run by a higher conscience. Then there will be major mass arrests publicly. All the Truths hidden for thousands of years, all free and cheap energy technologies, suppressed by darkness, will be revealed. The first contacts followed a few weeks later … At this point, the Works People of Light will be very active and help people understand what is going on. It will be a moment of great joy and freedom. When we are finally free forever from all darkness. A new land and a new humanity will begin.

Source: COBRA

Source: Nova Maxx



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  • Suzanne McKenzie

    I would have loved to read this article. However, many of us have long pulled our information off of Face Bood, recognizing the evil it is operating and the damage it is doing to the younger generation.

    • Actually, the entirety of this article is here on this page. No need to go to FB…

      – John Helios
      Chief Editor
      Star Nations News

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