WW-II Era German Aerospace Companies Alive & Well To This Day

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On the schematic above, look at the company logo for the following WWII-era German anti-gravity Haunebu spacecraft o ne of the predecessors of the increasingly famous TR-3B and other modern spacecraft used by the US Space Force. The drawing’s (red-boxed) company logo depicts a top-view of an aircraft profile. Also see the schematic shows the “Do-” company abbreviation, which stands for the company that produced the document: “Dornier”.

Dornier aircraft company logo

Dornier was a prominent German aircraft manufacturer at that time. They produced Germany’s most advanced aircraft, like the Do-335 Pfeil (“Arrow”), arguably the fastest propeller-driven interceptor aircraft of its era, and among the first aircraft of its kind to have ejection seating.

Dornier Do-335 Pfeil (“Arrow”)

I was cruising around the web today, and saw this ad for a Dornier edition of a Fortis watch. I immediately saw the logo.

FT-571 Fortis Watch Dornier GMT Limited Edition

Other major German aircraft companies from that time that have had watches made in their honor include Messerschmitt and Junkers.

These old-era companies with ties to development of secret technologies (such as anti-gravity and electrogravitic propulsion) are still alive and well to this day!

– John Helios
Founder & Chief Editor (and former pilot / aircraft mechanic)
Star Nations News℠

PS: In middle school I became a licensed pilot, and was an aircraft mechanic. I also hold completion certificates on basic orbital space mechanics and physics. So I know a few things about about aerospace technology.



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