“Hoping in the 2nd Week of June … Med Beds Might be Released” – Simon Parkes

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Click the original video or article link here >>> 9th June Update Current News

Soon after 24:05, Simon states “We’re Hoping in the 2nd Week of June, the First Group of Med Beds Might be Released from the military…” Have a listen.

Source: simonparkes.org

Editor Comments:

  • As it has historically been with other changes in society, things get delayed. Simon also explains why this happens in the video.
  • Simon also very nicely explains in the above-linked video why many times we people of the public can be severely disappointed when things don’t happen “on time”.
  • Please also keep in mind that some people who speak about the release of new technologies (like med beds), caution us that the first rollout of such technologies historically come out at first in limited quantities.
  • This said, do you honestly think med beds will roll out by the thousands all at once?
  • This said, do you honestly think you will have immediate access to a med bed?
  • There has been some discussion that after the med beds are released, it is possible that a “medical triage” prioritization of the med beds’ use will be set up.

Med Beds use quantum technology.

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