Super Soldier Talk Kimberly Murphy Discusses Future Timeline Projections – James Rink

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Secret Space Program (SSP) Experiencer Kimberly Murphy has 13 alters and who have worked for the planetary corporations as well as Solar Warden under the name of Serena, Dark Fleet, mobius, and psychic looking glass projects including Project Seagate with the dolphins and time travel at Montauk. She remembers being in a high-tech prison hell for many years. The last few months, she has been actively doing missions for Black Shield, using a huge robot body known as Groosga, utilized by the Earth Defense Force. She has also communicated with her alter Mark at Space Command. She has also been used for earth portals and interdimensional warfare. In the last month, she is aware of specific alters and is reintegrating them, but she is constantly being abducted and reprogrammed. One of her alters is on the intergalactic council of elders and is standing for the preservation of humanity and building a new future.

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