Simon Parkes: “There Will be 50 Medical Centers” (with Med Beds???) in the US, One for Each State (June 17, 2021) – Doug Billings

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Click the original video or article link here >>> Doug’s latest chat with Simon Parkes. 6.17.2021


Editor’s Notes:

Go to ~5:30 in the video.

Unfortunately Simon did not clarify some items:

  • Whether these “medical centers” will feature the long-awaited “med beds” that EVERYONE is clamoring for!!!
  • Assuming he meant medical facilities that would have med beds, he also did not say how many beds there would be.
  • What kinds of med beds? There are supposedly three kinds mentioned here.
  • When the medical centers would be opened.
  • What capacity the facilities would have. (For example, how many people could these facilities service per day?)

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One comment

  • kelly dean harper

    my sister is 69 and in a assisted living in siesta key florida. i feel she has about a year left.
    i have been watching the med beds for quite a while. her name is beverly ann klein she has brain
    issues due to limes disease. how can i get her on a list of people to make use of the new florida medical center?
    my name is dean harper. i am her brother.
    my family would invest in a med for her.
    i heard rumors of 20,000 several times

    dean harper

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